This year is shaping up to be a great one for the gaming industry, and there have been plenty of exciting new innovations hitting the shelves. From better technology options such as new consoles to improvements in online casino games, every area of the gaming industry has been touched by both technical and gameplay-focused developments. On that note, here are some of the latest changes to affect the gaming industry in 2018.

Virtual reality

 Virtual reality (VR) is the sort of gaming technology that just gets better and better with each passing year. 2018 saw a huge range of new VR innovations, and so it’s no surprise that the games adapted for the VR age are truly great. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, for example, now comes with a large variety of dynamic and intuitive controls designed to make the most of VR’s power, while combatant games such as Arizona Sunshine are even more gripping thanks to the way that they bring impending dangers to life. 

Better casino games 

The world of internet casino games has also changed in 2018, and there have been many user-friendly developments designed to improve the experience of gamblers around the world. 2018 saw more countries, for example, express their support for a shared online poker liquidity system – in which players from one nation could compete with others across different nations. In February of this year, Italy announced that it was one step closer to joining with other European nations, including Spain, Portugal and France, to offer its gamblers the largest possible range of fellow players – a move that would provide poker lovers with a greater range of competitors and therefore a better experience. 

New consoles 

This year has also been the year that the impact of a large range of recently released consoles has really kicked in to affect the gaming market. A whole host of consoles released over the past year or two, including the PlayStation 4 Pro from Sony and the Xbox One X from Microsoft, are now embedded in gaming culture – and the superior experience that they offer users has most likely been partly responsible for a rise in game sales.

This is even more striking given that there has actually been a drop in the amount that gamers have to spend. In the UK alone, on average, a person’s income is now significantly lower than the inflation rate, but gamers are still keen to press ahead and make the most of the new kit and equipment available.

Technology is changing, and with it the gaming industry is also adapting to provide gamers with new games, better services and more technically complex offerings. From the ways that online gamblers may soon be able to compete with a larger pool of players to the ways that new consoles are transforming the technological opportunities on offer, 2018 really is looking like it could be a transformative year both for gamers and for the companies that provide these services.

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