With each passing year, human technology becomes more surprising and more innovative. It won’t be long until we can upload our entire consciousness’s to the cloud – but in the meantime, we’ve made life significantly easier with some simpler innovations.

At the recent 2019 CES Convention in Las Vegas, a group of elite consumer brands showcased their latest and greatest technological creations. Here are some of the biggest highlights from the convention that will have you drooling!

#8: Gillette’s Heated Razors

Gillette revealed its new heated razor for an Indiegogo campaign in 2018, and it was an instant hit. In under a second, the razor heats up to 50 degrees Celsius, warming both shaving soap and skin for a more comfortable shave. Sales from the Indiegogo campaign will start shipping this month, and Gillette is currently working on a commercial version.

#7: LG’s Signature R9 OLED TV

This TV might seem small at first, but rest assured it’s only rolled up! LG showcased its latest ‘disappearing OLED television at CES this year, revealing a screen that can roll into a conveniently compact box after stretching out to 65 inches in diameter.

The device is set to launch later this year, and is set to boast Google Assistant, Alexa, and 4K HD Smart TV visuals, plus it offers Internet access so you can play at River Belle Casino or browse the web with ease.

#6: Harley Davidson’s LiveWire Motorbike

Last year, Harley Davidson caused quite a stir when it revealed its all-electric motorcycle.

More recently, the company revealed that the bikes were scheduled for an August 2019 launch, and would target a whole new group of riders who appreciate a quieter ride for urban excursions. The LiveWire is not manual, either, so gear shifting and clutching are essentially eliminated.

#5: Withings Move’s Activity Tracker Watch

Withings Move is the brand-new, sleek smartwatch from Withings that monitors your sleep and your activities alike. The fitness orientated timepiece boasts a GPS tracker and can sync with the Health Mate app for seamless health tracking. It even works for up to 18 months before its battery needs to be recharged!

#4: Nreal’s Light Mixed Reality Glasses

Mixed reality eyepieces take your real-world view and overlay virtual content on top of it for a truly unique experience.

At CES, Chinese start-up Nreal revealed its convincingly normal-looking specs, complete with spatial sound, a widescreen 1800p display, and voice control.

#3: Mophie’s Juice Pack Access

Mophie’s Juice Pack Access draws power from any Qi wireless charging pad or its own cable to give you as many as 31 hours of battery life, while also being sturdy enough to protect your beloved device from all kinds of wear and tear. Did we mention that it charges your device while you use it, too?

#2: Lenovo’s Smart Clock

The Smart Clock is the epitome of Lenovo’s creativity. It tells the time, it charges your smartphone, and it greets you each morning with a clock face that brightens gradually before your alarm sounds.

You can even connect it to Google Assistant for even more amazing capabilities.

#1: KitchenAid’s Cook Processor Connect

Gone are the days of tedious cooking sessions after a long workday. KitchenAid’s latest counter appliance stirs, chops, kneads, steams, measures, weighs, and so much more. It comes pre-programmed with 100 pro recipes and easy instructions, all of which are available through a connected app. Clearly the future is upon us!

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