Over the past year, the entire world has been preoccupied with the pandemic and has been waiting with bated breath for vaccines to roll out. In the meantime, tech billionaire Elon Musk and Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos have been fighting head-to-head for the title of World’s Richest Man.

As riveting as this may be, there have been several moments that felt as though the world was standing still, in limbo until adequate advancements against COVID-19 had been made. So much so that it often felt as though there had been no real new inventions outside of vaccines – but this could not be further from the truth.

During the first few months of 2021, some of the world’s finest tech inventions emerged. Let’s take a break from thinking about the pandemic and take a closer look at some of the best inventions this year has brought us so far.

Luxury gaming chair

Perhaps born out of the need to stay busy while in quarantine, luxury gaming chairs are making waves across the tech world. The next generation of gaming chairs might actually be better described as “gaming pods”. With retractable screens providing panoramic views, gamers will never miss out on any of the action. Furthermore, some gaming chairs also come equipped with ergonomic seats and armrests, as well as folding tables for better PC-to-console ease. These chairs also boast surround sound in their headrests and vibrate throughout game play.

Multi-device charging stations

Most of us have numerous devices – smartwatches, tablets and mobile phones are just a few of the ones we use daily to do everything from communicate to check this site. While each one is designed to make life easier for us, finding the space and plugs to charge all of them at the end of the day can be a bit of a challenge. With multi-device charging stations, anything from wireless headphones to laptops can be charged simultaneously. As a necessary added safety feature, these charging stations also have built-in over-temperature protection to help prevent any potential wire fires.

Pet portals

While we all willed days away during quarantine, a large number of the global population took to adopting pets to keep them company. While your furry friend may be a great source of comfort to you, it can also be quite challenging to jump up to let them go outside whenever they need to, especially if you keep to a strict schedule when working from home. Pet portals eliminate this on behalf of pet owners across the world.

They come with Bluetooth sensors to attach to your pet’s collar so that when they indicate their need to come inside or go outside, a notification is sent to the app on your phone, allowing you to open and close the door flap as necessary.

Smart home safes

Smart home safes are a lot like traditional safes, except they are portable, sleeker and much nicer to look at. These can be paired with an app that allows you to tap on the scanner and immediately access the safe. Alternatively, you can use the biometric security features on your phone to open the safe up.

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