It’s amazing how technology is changing how we do everyday functions. Things like home automation and hands-free device management are some of the commonplace features that we are now seeing in households everywhere. At the center of it all are home hubs, which enabled each home to be transformed into a smart home.

So which are the leading home hubs currently on the market? These are the most competitive ones in the industry:

1. Amazon Echo Plus

The Amazon Echo Plus has a built-in Zigbee smart home hub that takes the standard Echo onto a whole new level. Using the ZigBee hub, the Echo Plus lets users use a variety of compatible Zigbee devices to access home automation components such as door looks, plugs, lights, switches and more. Like all of Amazon’s devices, it uses Alexa to activate voice commands, such as to play music or audiobooks, set alarms or timers, ask about the weather or traffic, answer questions, as well as make calls (to do things such as order a pizza).

The Echo Plus features 360 audio with Dolby processing for immersive sound that can pick up your voice from any direction.

2. Google Home

Google home is one of Amazon Echo’s top contenders. Like the Amazon Echo Plus, it provides a range of home automation features with an impressive list of compatible smart devices. These include: controlling the thermostat (Nest Smart Thermostat), managing lights (Phillips Hue), handling TV streaming devices (Google Chromecast), and others. Also like the Amazon Echo Plus, hands-free calling and text messaging are possible. Google Home can also be linked up to some soundbars, like the options available at VIZIO, so you can play your music with high-quality sound.

Going one step further from the Echo Plus is Google Home’s ability to send push notifications to your phone (regardless of where you are). This feature can inform you of weather updates or local traffic during your commute. With that said, Google Home is a home hub option that delivers information to you even while you are on the go-something that other hubs cannot deliver.

  1. Wink Hub 2

As a second-generation product, the Wink Hub 2 has many specs in its favor. It’s a great all-encompassing home hub for any home. For starters, it works with both Google Home and Amazon Alexa (Amazon’s cloud-based voice service found in Amazon products such as the Echo Plus). The Wink Hub 2 can be connected to any home in a variety of ways-Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or even Ethernet.

Like the two home hubs listed above, the Wink Hub 2 provides the management of home automation features such as thermostat, lights, appliances and locks. As a home hub, it unifies each smart device into a core product that is easy to use.

Finding the right home hub is something that you’ll have to determine for yourself, depending on your own particular device needs. Be aware that there are other hubs to consider, however, these three are the most popular in use.


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