All too often, technology is regarded as the bad guy. It’s our enemy, even though it makes our lives easier, enhances them and helps us in ways we seem to forget (or at least not acknowledge) on a daily basis.

Sure, people text when they drive, family gatherings can be bogged down by too many people being glued to their phones and a little less screen time in general probably isn’t a terrible idea. We need to reduce our screen time to make sure we aren’t exposing ourselves to too much blue light. Some technology gives off blue light, which can affect eyesight and sleep cycles. To prevent this, some people make sure to wear blue light blocking glasses to keep their eyes healthy whilst they’re using technology.

All of those negative aspects of technology stem from society’s abuse of an amazing and constantly evolving gift.

At its core, technology is pure and inherently good. There are four ways in particular it’s greatly improved our lives and given the distance its traveled to this point, it boggles the mind to imagine where we’ll be in another 10, 50 or even 100 years.

In an effort to show people that technology isn’t the bad guy – and in fact we should be thankful – here are four ways it’s made the world better:

Engaging & Interactive Entertainment

There was a time when video games and cell phones didn’t exist. Even when they did, we sure didn’t have the graphics we see now, nor the system diversity.

Technology has evolved to the point where you can participate in online gaming tournaments, eSports is a thing and we can play in virtual reality. The immersion into “fake worlds” is near-complete, as we can combine fantasy and reality at the touch of a button.

It’s been some time since our cell phones were just for making calls, too. Having music, a camera and texting used to be a big deal. Now it’s about what type of camera and which gambling apps work best on your phone.

The technology on gaming apps alone has become absurd, while you can enjoy videos, stream live events and intertwine yourself with your own entertainment.

Connection & Communication

Sometimes it feels like the elite technology we have access to is only good for selfish reasons. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sure, you probably love your high-speed internet access and state-of-the-art computer for playing Call of Duty online with your buddies, but those two aspects of technology also support crystal clear Skype sessions with your boss, friends and family.

Where the internet is at in terms of versatility and raw speed has risen business productivity to new levels, and with thanks to some of the best internet deals on the market, from somewhere like Compare Internet, you will find that it’s enhanced online shopping and delivery, as well as helping you to stay connected with family and friends even when they’re thousands of miles away.

Obviously, everyone would prefer to be in the same area and enjoy in-person interactions, but that just isn’t realistic. Facetime and Skype allow you to be there with your loved ones when you’re not.

When you’re not physically reaching out through the interwebs, social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter helps you keep tabs on your personal circle as well as celebrities and the latest news.

For better or worse, people are forever connected, in the loop and in tune with what’s going on, no matter how small or dysfunctional the circle. Even better? Technology has afforded you the ability to pick and choose what finds its way into your “online world”, which means you can decide who you stay connected to, when and for how long.

You even have a direct line to a personal assistant, as the ever popular Alexa and Siri can tend to your every waking need.

Educational Advancements

Entertainment and personal connection are both important, but probably not as criminally overlooked as advancements in educational technology.

Some of the same principles apply, though, but you can use video phoning, streaming, website access, various phone apps and other online tools to further your education.

Students can take online classes, professors can submit documents and videos in folders online, classes can engage in shared online communities and anyone can brush up on a topic of their choice by researching and reading online.

Even if it’s something simple, you still have access to all of the information right now and can freely learn on the go. People can grab the Kindle from under their pillow to soak up an informative book, hit up YouTube to learn how to fix a leaky faucet or Google the fastest way to get to a destination.

Beyond personal use for education via our phones and computers, technology is used in the classroom to help our little ones grow in the world. Laptops replace notebooks and more extensive videos take the place of boring lectures, too.

You’ll never want to eradicate the need to read books on paper, take notes, listen to public speakers or get away from writing in general. But students and people in general have access to loads of information at the push of a button and it seems to be something we tend to brush over regularly. In fact, even when it comes to listening to our role models speak, there are ways technology can help. All kinds of events can now be recorded and streamed live for people to watch, not to mention that companies like Sports Speakers 360 provide virtual speakers for the keynote speech at events. So, in this respect too, technology has changed how we listen or watch people.

Saving & Preserving Lives

This is truly two different ways technology has positively impacted our lives, but it still qualifies as a fourth option and is undoubtedly the most important.

All of the other reasons for technology would feel like a true waste of time if we couldn’t use it to better our lives, save them and even prolong them.

Whether you want to be frozen and live forever is a debate for another day, but the fact that it’s a conversation that can be had goes to show how far technology has come.

There are other debates to be had involving cloning, A.I. and so much more, but technology being used strictly to preserve, rehab and save is awfully important.

This can be as simple as healthy apps you reference on your phone, the ease of access to diet plans and information that can help prevent debilitating illnesses and the high-tech advancements in hospital procedures, ability to diagnose, prevent and cure serious diseases.

Usually the first thing you think about here is cancer research, but technology’s touch on our lives stretches out to health and wellness, whether it be managing diabetes or dealing with mental illness.

Technology has saved lives with screenings, various tests and even actual devices used for choking and heart attacks. It’s also developed new medicines to help mask painful ailments like MS.

The list goes on, but technology has created a beautiful niche in this world and it branches out like a growing, ever-giving tree. Some of it can be a little scary, but for the most part technology just keeps evolving and advancing in an effort to become refined.

Some aspects of technology could probably stop where they’re at, but brilliant discoveries have happened when we’re not even looking for something specific. The more scientists and programmers try to push for that next great invention, the closer we are to worrying less about unnecessary diseases, physical and mental illness and even death.

Fortunately, life isn’t always about living or dying and neither is technology. While it certainly can be extremely useful in the more serious aspects of life, technology has also come a long way when it comes to how we entertain ourselves.

Now back to our phone, music or video we go. Because we can. Thanks, technology!

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