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Hiring an IT support company is a big decision. The cost is manageable but significant so it is necessary to avoid common problems with IT companies in London and find a reputable service provider that doesn’t have the following issues.

IT companies are typically either created by someone with IT sales experience or a certified IT specialist. Sales IT companies tend to run with an attitude of “get the sale” without necessarily having a strong understanding of the technology. Their goal is to get profits and to build quickly.

Clients of sales-led companies complain that even after the initial sale, the upsell is constant. Time equals money and the technicians can be overworked. The only solutions they see is in buying more software, more equipment, and only top of the line options.

IT-led companies tend to run a bit differently. IT-led companies take more time to understand the needs of an organization and promote services that align with those needs. They love technology and creating ideal solutions for challenging issues. The know sales are important, but they don’t lead with that, and that can make all the difference.

The next issue businesses have with some IT support services in London is three-year contracts. Be sure to select a company with an annual contract or month-to-month services so you don’t get trapped in something that isn’t working for your business. Managers and directors need to have options.

Finding an IT service company that is different from the others is a challenge in London. Their websites look the same and finding one that stands out in the crowd takes great effort. But when you begin to ask around about B2B services for London companies, you find unique providers like Prosyn are growing their business by word-of-mouth and referrals instead of using the same sales jargon other companies use. Contact the business you admire, and see who they are using.

IT services are in demand and some companies can’t handle their assignments on time. When something is broken, it either needs to be taken care of immediately with remote service or an onsite service needs to get there in a timely fashion.

It can sometimes be ideal to find an experienced and knowledgeable IT independent specialist because they tend to be a little cheaper. However, they do not have the capacity to answer multiple calls and business could be left waiting while their margins suffer.

The final issue with IT technicians not only in London but all over the world, is their inability to speak in understandable terms. They expect everyone to know what they are talking about when they use terms that only make sense to IT industry insiders. Considering how much needs to be communicated to managers and employees to ensure they are using equipment properly, it is imperative that you locate a team who can not only analyze and fix systems but relay information in a legible way as well.

As you begin your search for an IT support service that can be a long-term partner to your business, remember these issues. Ask the right questions and evaluate the whole package before you make a decision.

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