Since as early as we can remember there has always been rules to abide by when it comes to car maintenance, these sets of rules have now grown into myths and now it’s time to bust them!

Gone are the days when people are spending fortunes on car maintenance because they read an article that says it’s the right thing to do or because that’s how it was done back in your father’s days. You may have to stop over-maintaining your car, as garages and service centers may have been brainwashing you to spend a hefty amount on fancy smells and other unnecessary service items. Rather, you can use the internet to find informative websites (like that may help you know about the importance of the inspection and maintenance of a car. Now let’s look at the myths associated with cars.

Oil Change

There seems to have been this universal understanding that your engine oil should be changed every 3000 miles. This is wrong. You should follow the recommendation of your vehicle’s manufacturers which can be found in your user manual. Oil companies are serving their own agenda by asking you to change your engine oil every 3000 miles.

Puncture Tyres

Some drivers have been led to believe that if they puncture their tyre they’d need a new one. Unless the puncture has damaged the sidewall of your tyre or is over a quarter inch in diameter you would not need to replace your tyre. If you do notice a puncture anywhere on your tyres, they you might be better off calling for a mobile tyre fitting service, they would either patch up the puncture or replace your tyre on the spot.

Premium Gas

If you drive a standard car, then there will never be a need for you to use premium gas, it was designed to work the vehicles that get hotter with time and have higher compression engines. If you drive a turbo-charged vehicle then you would require premium petrol but you should always check your user manual for the recommended type of petrol.

Engine Life

One of the persistent myths in the world of automobile maintenance revolves around engine life. Contrary to popular belief, a well-maintained engine can go the distance, and the need for a costly, full replacement is often overstated. In many cases, investing in a Ford Engine Rebuild or a similar project for whatever car you own can breathe new life into your vehicle’s heart, restoring performance and extending its longevity. So, instead of falling for the misconception that engines have a predetermined expiration date, consider exploring the options available for rebuilding and rejuvenating your existing one, debunking yet another automobile maintenance myth.

Void Warranty

For unaccustomed drivers, you might have been under the impression that your car needs to be serviced at the dealership where you bought the vehicle, and if not your warranty becomes void. This is incorrect and ethically unacceptable. Dealerships would love their customers to come back for repair and maintenance but you are not required to bring your car back there. The only thing that is likely to void your warranty is not to take it in for any kind of maintenance at all.

Windscreen Wiper

A lot of people have grown to understand that if they ever run out of windscreen washer they can simply replace it with washing liquid because it is convenient and possible cheaper. This is wrong and can be dangerous. Wiper fluids are designed specifically for your windscreens, washing liquid can leave streaks and if the weather is bright the streaks make it harder to see.

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