If there’s one smartphone manufacturer who’s been pulling out all the stops over the last couple of years, it’s Samsung. Following on from their wildly popular Galaxy S20 which has, among other phenomenal features – an HDR10+ certified Infinity-O display that offers an immersive experience and limited interruptions, Samsung has introduced their Galaxy S21 Ultra.

The Next Generation In Video

While the Galaxy S20 can take 8K video with a 30x Space zoom, so can the S21. With this model, you are able to record in 8K 24fps and get crisp footage which, according to Samsung themselves – looks better than the cinema.

What gives the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra an advantage, in terms of video editing, is that it is S Pen compatible. This means that you are able to finesse and fine-tune while editing your videos down to the last frame, with precision.

The Camera Isn’t Too Shabby Either

The essential technology behind the lenses on the 21 mostly remain the same as the S20. The only thing is that they’re improved – and vastly so:

  • The main camera system of the Galaxy S21 Ultra remains a 108-megapixel sensor with a 1/1.33″ sensor. It’s still utilised in order to capture pixel-binned 12-megapixel shots which contain technically 108 million pixels worth of data into one single shot.
  • However, what makes the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s sensor one step further is that its ability to focus is substantially enhanced thanks to software tweaks and an extra laser sensor. This makes editing pictures easier too, as there’s less to clean up.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra’s lens now has auto-focus, which means that it can double as a very good macro camera and it’s awesome for selfies. Thus, with one lens, you are able to capture sweeping landscape shots and super up-close photos.

The Processor Packs An Almighty Punch

This model contains Galaxy’s first 5nm processor that is extremely powerful and speedy. This outstanding upgrade means faster learning as well as more intelligence in every aspect of Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.

Battery life on the S21 is superb. However, it’s not much of an improvement over the S20 Ultra or Note20 Ultra in 2020. Depending on the day, as well as how much you use the phone, expect to get anywhere between six and eight hours of screen time. The 25 Watt fast-wired charging will get the phone’s chunky 5000mAh battery full relatively quickly – 75 minutes or so, give or take. There is also a wireless charging option for when that extra speed isn’t necessary.

Overall, S21 Ultra – together with the Note 10 Ultra – are indeed Samsung’s two most polished flagship phones with no compromises ever.

But the question remains. Should you buy it?

If having the best camera is a high priority for you, then you should definitely buy it. You shouldn’t buy it if you don’t like very big phones.

The continual hardware breakthroughs that are made by Huawei and aggressive release strategies of Xiaomi and Oppo have made Samsung step up its game, and you can enjoy real money games if you click to learn more. This being said, Samsung’s absolute best effort is still enough to always take the crown.

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