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If you are a technology company that would like to showcase your products or services on Skaidon, you’re free to contact us with your pitch.

We only promote companies we wholeheartedly believe will provide our readers with fantastic products, as our audience is the very thing that keeps us adding blogs every single week.

We’re happy to review a variety of products or services. So, whether you’re wanting to promote an app, gadget, games console, console game, mobile phone or TV, simply drop us a message with your name, product and full details and we’ll happily contact with you to decide if you’re the right fit for our website.

To Our Readers

To our readers, please note we would only promote services that we believe would create a fantastic technology experience, whether that be about mobile phone technology, computers or healthcare innovations.

If you have any questions about our advertising practices, don’t hesitate to contact us today, as we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.