Did you know that online forms can be used in an almost endless number of ways? In fact every day that you go online you probably see it used in contact forms, shopping carts, payment forms, feedback forms, surveys, sign-up forms, and much more.

You might have already used forms to some extent during your time spent on the internet. Perhaps when you’re creating new social media profiles, or even while simply having an online check-up with a physician. These, provided by companies that make use of sharepoint forms or established business tool providers, can easily store relevant data provided by a user upon entering their website. For any business workflow, suffice to say creating online forms is one of the best ways to gather data online – but for it to be effective your forms need to be purpose-built. This can sometimes be difficult, which is the reason why you need a tool such as AidaForm in your corner.

“What is AidaForm?”

In a nutshell AidaForm is a form creator that will let you build your own online forms. More importantly it will make it easy for you to create forms by letting you use an entirely graphical interface to construct and customize them – so you don’t ever have to write any code.

As you can imagine that will simplify things somewhat and let you create online forms without requiring any experience in web design or development. To be honest it is so easy to use that it shouldn’t take any more than a minute or two to create a form of your own – even if it is your very first time.

Features in AidaForm

Although its main focus is on making it as easy as possible to create online forms, AidaForm does not let that stand in the way of providing a wide range of features. Some of its more notable features include:

  • Graphical form builder that will let you create forms by dragging and dropping blocks with the fields that you want into place. It has wide range of fields available that will let you add text fields, radio buttons, drop-down lists, file uploads, ratings, Google Maps, and much more.
  • Built-in smart themes that you can use to alter the appearance of your online forms. Each theme can be customized further and the adjustments that you make to the font or colors will translate throughout the form automatically.
  • Options to publish forms using embed code or by directly linking to the form. The latter is especially useful if you want to publish the form on social media, or attach the link to a button on your website.
  • Third-party integration with numerous useful platforms. Some of the notable integration in AidaForm include Paypal for payment processing, Google Sheets to synchronize response data, MailChimp to export email addresses to a list, CAPTCHA to verify responses, and Zapier to connect to a wide range of other platforms.

Make no mistake these features are just the tip of the iceberg, but they should give you a taste of just how powerful and versatile AidaForm truly is. At the end of the day its features are comprehensive enough that you should be able to structure, design and publish any type of online form, be it a simple feedback form or lengthy market research survey.

More importantly with the ability to tailor-make forms, you can ensure that the forms you create using AidaForm are able to get lots of responses.

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