Well if the topic interested you then you already have an idea that the answer is a resounding ‘No,’ but just in case you need some clarity as to why betting systems and betting bots are not worth the investment, the first consideration you should make is one which is driven by nothing more than common sense.

Would you give away a winning formula?

Offers for betting software aren’t as common as the likes of betting systems which are usually presented in the form of an e-book once purchased, but they do indeed exist. If you consider trading bots as a form of betting software (which you should) then you’ll realise that offers for betting software are actually very common. No I’m obviously not talking about the software platform you’d download if you were to engage in something like live video casino games or the software you’d use to complete your trades, like Meta Trader and the likes. What I’m talking about are those offers claiming a piece of software can be linked to your trading or betting account and then that software will essentially trade or bet for you.

Those claims are often backed by further claims that suggest you’ll be winning in more of your trades than those you’ll lose on, thus having you expect a net gain. These offers come in so many different forms and are essentially made to appear ‘dynamic’ in their nature, such as a winning betting formula that has ‘recently been adapted or updated’.

What it comes down to it is this – If you had a winning betting or trading formula, system or software bot and it really did place auto bets/trades for you which consistently made you money, would you share it? Probably not, unless of course it wasn’t making you enough money to keep using it quietly for yourself and by yourself.

The only betting or trading “system” you should think about entertaining is one which makes use of statistical principles to perhaps increase the odds in your favour, with the most legitimate of these shining a spotlight on some signup and other promo bonuses you might be in for if you register at bet365 and other established online betting platforms.

The anatomy of software

The second point to consider when thinking about investing in trading / betting bots and systems is the anatomy of software – how software is created. It’s as simple as thinking of any task which can be carried out by a human being, but obviously that person has to have the adequate knowledge related to how the task is done. Software is simply a tool which is primarily designed to automate these tasks and also to speed them up since computing systems are particularly good at doing repetitive tasks at very high speeds.

This then takes us back to the previous question of whether or not you’d sell a winning formula. So even if that ‘winning’ trading or betting formula is presented through a piece of software, there still needs to be some method of operation which guarantees winnings or winning trades, which as we all know there aren’t any, unless you’re cheating the system in some way like through bet rigging or insider trading.

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