The high street is one of the most iconic images of Great Britain, but as we move into the digital age an increasing number of high street favourites are taking the leap into the online market place and changing the way we shop, eat and even entertain ourselves.

The British high street has been changing since the 2008 recession that saw the closure of our favourite stores, however since the recession the move to online shopping and entertainment has only sped up this process.

Long gone are the days of a long commute into town, finding parking and struggling back to the car or bus laden with armfuls of bags – now, for most of us, with just a few clicks we can have everything we need delivered to our doors, preventing the need to drag ourselves into town.

Online Shopping

Shopping was first to get a foot in the door of the online marketplace – with many sites offering free returns and exchanges, free next-day delivery, and a host of online reviews, we can now shop till they drop. Never leaving the comfort of our own homes, we can order the perfect outfit in multiple sizes, have them delivered to our doors to try them on, and return them without ever leaving our homes – changing the shopping game for both men and women up and down the country. We are also able to access deals and price comparison websites, click for more information about how this can help our shopping experience, so we are always saving money and staying in the loop about what is new out there.


The working week makes our biggest supermarkets a nightmare to visit on the weekends – but unfortunately, that’s the only time most of us can spare a few hours to sort out the weekly shop. Online food shopping has changed the game for everyone – from working families trying to fit food shops around work and school schedules to those without cars not having to train for Britain’s Strongest Man in order to get their bags of shopping home.


Most high streets look naked without a bookies – however it is a sight many more of us will soon be seeing. Lots of booking agents have moved solely online due to the ease in which it allows them to function, as well as keeping overheads down. So long as they are using the best available software and following advice (like these NFL football 2021 action tips for bookies from top bookmakers) from the experts, they are likely to thrive without all of the bills associated with a brick and mortar store. This is good news for consumers too, as the rise of the online booking agent and gambling sites mean that you can place bets or try your luck without ever leaving your sofa. With so many online gambling sites and so many different sign up offers it can be difficult to find the best one to suit you. Online compare sites can help you find the best gambling sites for you and the games you love most.


Whilst travel agents can still be found – many of them have moved online. Some of the biggest travel companies in the UK, as well as smaller – independent – agents have begun selling their holidays online. With videos, live chats, live webcams, real reviews and a number of comparison sites, long gone are the days of choosing a holiday based on a couple of brochure pictures – ensuring you get exactly what you pay for when you book a holiday.


When you’re sick the last thing you want to do is head down to your local pharmacy. Although not available for all medicines a number of prescriptions can be ordered online (from a reputed online UK pharmacy or elsewhere) and delivered right to your door – helping you to feel better, without the hassle of getting dressed and making your way to the doc.

With so many things moving online, is it only a matter of time before we say goodbye to the high street for good?

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