There are many different jobs within the gaming industry, one of which is operating a website which merely reviews games, publishes news or perhaps even sells games. If yours is the latter, here’s a generic privacy policy base template you can use, which should of course be edited to ensure it’s unique:

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy forms part of the YOUR COMPANY NAME general Terms and Conditions, extracted for your convenience.

Personal Information

Your privacy as our website visitor/online shopper is of utmost importance to us. We only request personal information when absolutely necessary, exclusively for delivery purposes or under legal obligation to comply with the law or any legal procedures as governed by YOUR COUNTRY law. We undertake not to share your personally identifiable information with anyone, other than our delivery partner who is also bound by the same privacy policy to protect your personal information.

Personally-identifiable information is strictly collected only in the case where users are required to interact with our website, in a way that requires us to collect their personal info (delivery details and basic identification), such as the completion of a purchase and subsequent furnishing of delivery info, financial information and personal details.

Cookies & Website Visitors

As part of our ongoing commitment to continuously improve our service, including the functionality of our website, YOUR COMPANY NAME collects personally unidentifiable data as generated by web browsers, in line with how visitors interact with our platform and their relevant browsing habits. This industry-standard procedure is carried out via the use of cookies — A cookie is a short line of basic text stored on a user’s computer hard drive, during their interaction with a particular website. In the specific case of YOUR COMPANY NAME, cookies are deployed for the purpose of enhancing users’ experience when interacting with our website.

Under exceptional circumstances, the user information collected such as IP addresses may account for personally identifiable information and in such cases, this information shall be handled under the same terms and conditions as that covered in the Personal Information section of this Privacy Policy.

Statistical Aggregation

Through the extended use of cookies, YOUR COMPANY NAME may collect further personally unidentifiable information to further improve our online service offering, such as collecting information on top-selling and/or most-viewed products. The personally unidentifiable information collected in this way may subsequently be displayed or published as part of our user experience reporting structure; however YOUR COMPANY NAME maintains its non-disclosure of any personally-identifiable information associated with our aggregated statistics.

YOUR COMPANY NAME’s website may not offer full functionality to users whose cookies are turned off.

We value your privacy and take our resolution to protect your privacy very seriously, which is why we maintain the highest standards in any security platforms deployed in the transmission and storage of all users’ information, whether personally identifiable or otherwise.



Thank you for shopping with YOUR COMPANY NAME! We trust that your online shopping experience with us was a pleasant and convenient one and we trust that the subsequent delivery service will extend that convenience.

What’s next?

YOUR COMPANY NAME is arranging for the prompt, safe and convenient delivery of your product with our delivery partner. Your product(s) will be packaged and shipped within the next business day, anywhere in the YOUR COUNTRY.

Delivery Schedule

Our delivery partner will get in touch with you by phone, prior to their first delivery attempt, to arrange a time period during which they intend to arrive. If the first delivery is missed, a further two attempts will be made.

Delivery Return Policy

If the delivery of your package was unsuccessful, i.e. if you are still unavailable to receive your order after a third attempt, your package will be returned to YOUR COMPANY NAME and we’ll schedule another delivery date for a time better suited to you. Call us on YOUR COMPANY NUMBER within five working days of the third delivery attempt to arrange a suitable delivery time.

What Are the Delivery Charges Involved?

Delivery charges amount to a flat fee of DELIVERY COST.

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