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Getting Started: Computer Basics

From seniors to students, everyone has to start somewhere.

Here Skaidon we are giving you a helping hand to everything you need to know about computers.

What is a Computer?

In short, a computer is an electronic machine that can store memories and is able to carry out calculations.

There are a number of different models and makes of computers so it’s important you thoroughly do your research before investing.



When you first purchase a computer, unless it is used, it will have nothing installed on it.

You will need to download a number of programmes to help you make the most out of your new device. First of all, check that your PC is updated then begin to download the basics;

  • Email
  • Microsoft Office
  • Internet browser
  • Security


Protecting your computer against viruses is vital in ensuring you really get the most out of your machine. Before you start browsing and downloading, make sure you have a decent anti-virus programme running in the background.


If you have a printer, you’ll need to set this up before putting it to the test.

Make sure you read the instructions carefully, you’ll usually have to install the printer before hand, this can be done by either heading online and downloading the programme or inserting a CD.

Getting Online

You’ll need internet if you want to do anything with your computer.

For this, you’ll need to ensure that you have a wireless or wired internet connection.

You computer should come with a web browser but you may prefer to download another version, just find which one work’s best for you.


All of your files and downloads will be saved onto yoru drive, which is storage within your computer. How much storage you get will depend on the specification of your machine.

You will find it is easier to save items into categorised folders within the documents folder, whereas all downloaded items will go into the designated downloads folder.


You never know what may happen to your computer and if you use your computer for work, sotage of photos of an extensive music library, then we advise you back everything up.

This can be as easy as buying an external hard drive to getting yourself Dropbox or Cloud storage. This just ensures that if you ever lost your PC, had it stolen or simply broke it, you’re not in too much trouble.


Once you’re connected to the internet, you’ll want to set up your emails. Now, you can access your emails via the internet or you can bring your emails onto your desktop where you will get notifications.

We use Outlook, it’s really easy to download and use; all you have to do is sign in and you’re off.