According to numerous studies, employees spend part of their workdays wasting time in four ways: trying to contact leads or fellow employees, seeking needed information about the company or next steps, repeating communications, and trying to organize meetings. This can really affect one’s workday, and the longer you leave it, the worse it will get. Now, you don’t have to do anything drastic to make this positive change, as depending on what type of business you run, you may find that software from somewhere like FieldRoutes could prove to be effective when it comes to streamlining your business.

Alongside this, following are some solutions that technology offers to combat these most common obstacles to employee productivity.

Trying to Contact Leads or Fellow Employees

Imagine if you had a giant list of people that you needed to contact each workday. You knew that your entire livelihood depended on getting in touch with those people. You also knew that if you failed, your paycheck would reflect that failure. Now imagine that every time you try to reach one of those people, you end up nowhere. You leave messages, but no one calls you back. You’re not even sure if you’re calling the right number or emailing the right address. This is when you may wish you had a tool to assist you in verifying the email IDs and contact information. You might want to see this site if you’re not sure how to get through this mess.

You have no way of knowing if the other person is even getting your messages. You would feel frustrated, right? You would feel like you’re spinning your wheels at work and getting nowhere. Eventually, you might feel that you’re not contributing to the company where you work and that you’re not valuable. Your morale would suffer. That’s what your employees can end up feeling when you offer them no way to manage communication with leads or colleagues. There are services out there that can help with this lack of engagement. CulverServices offers employee engagement consulting that might be able to help everyone out with potential frustrations in the office.

Meeting Organization Tools

Managers and employees need to be given the chance to use the same kinds of meeting organization tools they would use in their daily lives. For example, if you were planning a wedding, you’d send out wedding invitations with photos, right? But you wouldn’t try to write them all by hand and glue pictures on the front. You’d use a digital software to design and customize the invitations and to keep track of who you sent them to. That’s the kind of meeting organization tool you need to provide for all your employees and manager, so they can more efficiently organize and arrange meetings for your organization.

Lead Management Software

Technology now gives us lead management software. Lead management software is a centralized, web-based hub where all communication about a project can take place. The communication is stored, tracked and can be monitored by anyone on the team who is given access. With this technology in place, your employees don’t ever need to worry about keeping track of phone numbers and email addresses. Everything can be updated and stored online, and number and email entry is automatic. Never again will your employees need to wonder if their email has been read, because many of these software packages can trace the action of the recipient once the email has been sent. It can tell your team when or if the email was opened, and if any of the links were clicked on. It also offers a way for your clients to communicate back to your company via the centralized hub, so all members of the team can view the communication and be kept in the loop.

These are just a few examples of how technology can make a dramatic difference in the daily work lives of your employees. For every productivity problem, there is a technology that can help. When you offer your employees the tools to solve their own problems, you inherently empower them to become better and more productive members of your team.

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