While most of us would quite easily point to our online betting exploits as nothing more than a bit of harmless fun, the truth is that deep down, there’s a big part of you which hopes and prays that you will walk away a big winner following the next spin.

So, if you’re serious about making some good money on live casino betting platforms, you should do so with some preparation. Understand how you can take advantage of strategies to tip the odds a lot more in your favour, and implement them based on your instincts.

Listed below are a few handy hints shared with us by a full-time online gambler.

OPM – Other People’s Money

This is a hint which is brought on over to the pro online gambling scene from the business world, which is simply to make use of as much of other people’s money as you can. In the business world that would probably constitute some investor contributions or other forms of external funding, but in the world of online gambling it simply entails cashing in on a promotion code with no deposit. What this means is that you can bet with more money than you actually have because of the extra credit you get as a bonus.

This will free you up to take a chance a bit more often and take more of those “risks” which have the potential to pay off big.

Stick to a betting strategy

Yes, leave ample room for some spontaneity, something which is suggested by the mentioning of the need to take some “risks” at times, but largely you should have a betting strategy based on an odd-analysis technique if you’re going to develop any consistency about any of the winnings you may amass. At the end of the day any betting game which gives you the chance to win money, as a result of the outcome of the spin versus your bet, is based on the statistical principles of odds.

You just have to be consistent and eventually the draw will favour your set of numbers, combinations, etc, so develop and stick to a betting strategy.

Bet when the active user numbers are high

This is a no-brainer tip, but one which we felt had to be shared because sometimes people tend to overlook the seemingly obvious and take these things for granted. But yeah, it’s a simple matter of the progressive jackpots being bigger if there are more players playing, or if there’s just a bigger pool to possibly walk away with if you strike it lucky.

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