Artificial intelligence might sound like something out of a 90’s sci-fi flick, but it’s very real – and growing at a rapid pace, too. We are currently creating the smartest and most innovative machine learning robots yet, and many of these technologies will also have big implications for the way we live our day-to-day lives.

Now that modern tech is proliferating so quickly, it’s not surprising that AI is making its way into our homes in the form of household objects, appliances and more. Today’s AI is sleek, portable, and can be easily integrated into even the most unexpected devices, ranging from home security systems to washing machines. Here’s how artificial intelligence and Big Data are set to change our daily lives in just a few short years…

#1: Automated Transport

Self-driving cars are on everyone’s lips now, especially as their safety configurations are still under consideration by the world’s top scientists. It won’t be too much longer before fully automated vehicles hit highways across the globe, with Google being one of the largest corporations driving the innovation from its inception.

Google’s first self-driving car was revealed back in 2012, and since then, countless other manufacturers have added AI to buses, planes and motorcycles in a bid to compete. In the future, we can expect to see a slew of professional and recreational endeavours as a result, from hands-free taxis to automatic food delivery services, leaving us free to play the online pokies NZ offers whenever and wherever we please.

#2: Cyborg-Driven Healthcare

Cyborg technology is also no longer a fantastical concept of yesteryear. The technology’s first applications have already arisen in the healthcare field, helping patients to heal quicker and more completely and also providing aids like artificial prostheses with greater mobility and functionality than their traditional counterparts. As for whether or not real-life cyborg augmentation is just around the corner, the authorities are still out on that one! Until then you can utilize other AI healthcare systems like Actionable Findings Software that helps both patients and healthcare professionals stay on track of treatment.

#3: Curbing Climate Change

Climate change is a huge threat to our species and nearly every other form of life on Earth as well, so it’s no wonder that people are looking to start projects to help prevent any further damage. Places like Cool Effect have just started a new one of their own. You can read about it here – But at this current moment in time, AI seems like our best bet in the fight against global warming, as intelligent machines can gather and store far more data than any human could. By using the tech’s inherent connection to Big Data, scientists could better predict trends and patterns in the weather system and use this information to exact real change for the good of the planet.

#4: Automating Hazardous Tasks

Millions of people are injured in dangerous careers like highway and sewer maintenance, welding and logging each year. These inherently hazardous jobs could one day be replaced by automated robots that would reduce the manpower needed to carry them out. Bomb defusing is an excellent example of how AI could assist in keeping humans safe in the future.

#5: Keeping Us Social

Some may scoff at the idea of befriending robots, but as the world becomes more and more technologically-driven, isolation will become a fact of life for many. To combat this issue, companies in Japan have started engineering companion humanoid robots that can adapt their behaviour according to the people around them.

One such robot, Pepper, hit the US market in 2015, and in under a minute all 1,000 units had been sold. Perhaps as we create symbiotic relationships with learning machines, we might one day become friends with them as well…

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