Social media is widespread. Everywhere you turn and almost anyone you ask has an account made on at least one social media platform. The younger generation is more social media savvy than the older, but even the older ones are learning. Even businesses procedures have evolved due to the presence of social media and its ubiquity. If your company does not have some form of social media account, it is seen as less credible. Not to mention, you are decreasing your own chances of being found online. What will the future of social media bring? What will it look like? Unless you are Nostradamus, and even then, you will learn on the go like everyone else. Here is a perspective on how technology is affecting social media right now, and therefore providing an idea of what the future could bring.

Communication gadgets

Technology affects the way that people communicate. The most notable innovation can be seen with mobile phones, and with them the invention of social media. There are so many different buttons and characters on today’s gadgets that a study has even found that millions are confused by the amount of symbols to choose from on your mobile devices! When was the last time you sent an emoji as a response to a text message? These symbols and in a broader sense, gadgets, affect the way people communicate. In the very same way advancements in social media will change the way people converse. Already, Instagram and Facebook are being used as platforms to send messages, video chat, live-stream, and so on.

New social media platforms

There is no doubt that new social media platforms will be introduced on the market. Facebook and Instagram are two of the most common platforms that most people either know or use, if not both. Right now virtual reality is becoming more technologically advanced by the day, to the point that it runs at human-eye resolution. Perhaps a future social media platform will include VR technology – who knows? New platforms will continue to affect the way businesses target consumers and how people engage with one another.

The social media marketing campaigns

You now have an idea of how modes of communication will progress and how new platforms will continue to alter the social media world. How will the processes of social media marketing campaigns change? Existing experts in digital marketing processes, such as the services provided by Click Intelligence, offer paid social strategy services, search engine optimisation, pay per click marketing among other marketing efforts that increase visibility in the digital space. The more technology advances, the more these same marketing processes will adapt to include new methods of obtaining analytics and even new tools to create the campaigns. Not to mention, these same campaigns could be applied in a different method, on a different social media platform with new algorithms and rules. One example of this would be the increased use of automated software programs, such as Jarvee, which is an Instagram bot used for managing social media accounts. For more information on whether such technologies are appropriate for your campaigns, read this blog post where Earthweb reviewed Jarvee.

Technological innovations will continue to revolutionize the very world and society that people live in. As a result of this, it’s only natural that social media and even social media marketing will continue to evolve with new innovations. Several years ago, Instagram did not exist, yet you can’t remember a world without it. Who knows what the future will bring and how it will affect social media professionals? Only time will tell.

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