Self-organisation is a practice which just seems like it’s way too difficult to master for the majority of people in the whole world, which is why comparatively speaking there are only a very few people in the world who pretty much control all of the world’s wealth. THE PEOPLE don’t quite seem to know how much power they really hold in their hands, if only they could come together and at the very least test that power if not exercising it outright.

There are however some instances in which a group of people do come together in self-organisation and yes, it involves money. It just had to involve money though, didn’t it? Otherwise I even struggle to find anything else which would make for a powerful enough incentive to bring a group of people together as part of a self-organisation exercise.

One such instance is that of online betting clubs, with one in particular targeting the Afromillions Lotto jackpot amongst other possible avenues through which to win some mega bucks with online betting.

I mean look – nobody is under any illusions about the chances even a big group of people playing together have of winning anything which resembles a lottery, but that’s just it; this forms part of the strategy of the betting club. The club bets on all different types of online betting platforms, including sports betting sites with online betting games and casinos for a more active involvement which makes for a bit of action and fun as well. It is why sports betting especially has become wildly popular in online betting circles.

Their betting on a lottery as well makes for just part of the allocation of the pooled funds with which they bet, naturally corresponding to the investment equivalent of a higher-risk investment.

That does however mean that if they actually went on to win then they’d win big, otherwise that’s typically how betting clubs work – they contribute funds and pool them together, then they go out and identify different online betting platforms through which to try and multiply those funds they’ve put together.

Some of the money is allocated to the likes of betting on sports wagers like the weekend football and since there would naturally be some sports enthusiasts and perhaps even experts in the group, this would make for one of the ‘safer’ channels through which to allocate some of the betting pot funds. Any and all winnings will then belong to the group as a whole, usually to be deployed through channelling into some other investments outside of the gambling, or even paid out amongst all the members, dividend-sharing style.

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