Choosing the best ARK server hosting that can accommodate your gaming requirements is not easy but it is not impossible. There are a number of providers with different types of promises and therefore this can be confusing for people, who want to start with ARK video games. So, if you are planning to choose the best ARK server hosting for the gaming requirements, then this article can be your guide.

First and foremost, it is necessary to understand that everyone has some own requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to weigh out all the recommendations that you get from your colleagues or friends.

While it comes to choosing the best ARK server hosting, there are a number of factors that can be considered. Many companies that provide Rust server hosting (another popular online game) might also provide ARK server hosting, so you can surely find servers that suit your gaming needs. Again, it becomes important that you look at the options being provided for your server. These include the control panel, availability of the total number of slots, location and customer support. But these are not just factors, these are vital considerations. Now let’s have a look at the tips to choose the best ARK server hosting to fulfill your gaming needs.

  1. The platform where you can play ARK on: There are a number of platforms on which ARK can be played like a PS4, PC, and Xbox. Is ark cross platform or not, however, can only be determined with proper research online. But since it can be played on various platforms, it is important to choose a provider, who offers the hosting that supports the platform where you play. For instance, if you play ARK on Xbox, then you must not choose a provider, who offers hosting meant for PlayStation 4.
  1. Choose the location: Different companies locate their servers in various locations. Generally, hosting providers list all the locations for their servers on the websites. So, it is important to choose the hosting providers, who have servers located in your location/area/ city/state. Besides, companies should have no or minimal downtime.
  1. The number of slots: There are a number of slots that you can choose from. But, the total number of slots that can be selected for the ARK server would decide the total number of people, who would join it. Additionally, selecting a server with more slots means you would get the scope to pay more than one with few slots. The best option is to choose the slots on the basis of the server that meets your gaming requirements. For instance, server hosting for 10 slots will be the best option for you in can you want to use the game for fun.
  1. Type of control panel that you need: The selection of the control panel is helpful in a number of ways. For example, the control panels allow the players to edit the configuration files and to back up their data. Besides, these also permit to install mods and to admin cheats. With the customized ARK control panel, it is possible to make all the things much easier.
  1. Update types that you need: A rule of thumb is to choose an ARK server hosting that will allow you to get new updates automatically. Some of the hosts also include in-built automatic update checkbox located in the control panel. But some of the mods can break the server as these are not supported by the newer gaming version.
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