Working from home can be a good deal for almost all employees, but it would be a bit challenging for leaders and managers. Motivating employees could be a bit hard if you are not seeing them physically. But the good news is there are many ways for managers and leaders to still perform their jobs as leaders even if they are not working in the same office or building.

Ways To Be An Effective Leader Even When Working From Home

There are many creative ways supervisors can do to reach their employees like just the usual. To help you with it, read the tips below:

  • Hold a regular meeting

One of the things you can do ensuring that everyone is always at the same page is holding regular meetings or discussions. You would not want anyone left behind about updates and performance. Holding a regular meeting will guarantee that everyone in the team is working at par with each other and performing according to the team’s goals.

There are many available platforms where team meetings can be held virtually by using a video chat api, and taking advantage of these is always a good idea. Being have some form of face-to-face meeting can help to motivate the team.

  • Always be available to answer questions and inquiries of staff

Make sure that lines of communication are always available. Instead of using your phone mainly to play online casinos or their sister sites, might as well use it to communicate with your employees. Do not depend just on your office communicator, make your social media account, personal phone number and email be available for your staff’s concerns.

Additional Info: Make sure that the information that will be discussed outside the office communicator is general and not sensitive and confidential.

  • Email blast is a good idea

Keep all information discussed documented by sending an email to all staff across and require a response. The email should include all the information you discussed during the meeting, coaching session and the like. You have to ask them to reply with “I Agree” or “I understand”.

Even if you are working virtually, everything should still be documented or else, it never happened.

  • Talk to your employees’ stuffs not related to work

Keep the relationship you have with your employees burning by asking not only about their work but their personal lives too. “How he/she is coping up with the situation?”, “What are your current hobbies?”, “have you watched the previous football match” and so on. You have to let your staff understand that even if you are far apart, you also care about their welfare.

  • Always keep an eye on their performance

Randomly check on their work and make sure that he/she is performing as or beyond expected even when at home. Do not step back checking on their work and correcting it when necessary.

Work from home set up can be tough but with the many available means today, this can be done smoothly and easily. 

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