Technology has changed the way we live in many remarkable ways, and the innovations that we are taking advantage of are becoming better than ever, thanks to the vision of manufacturers who set out to produce the best technological products available. Technological products have allowed us to do things that we never thought possible, and some of the most revolutionary products that many have already taken advantage of are membrane keyboards, keypads, and switches. Here are the most important benefits of membrane keyboards, keypads, and switches.

What is the difference?

The main difference between membrane keyboards, keypads, and switches and mechanical keyboards and switches is the fact that a membrane keyboard or switch is actually embedded as well as printed on the actual surface where it is operated. The surface of a membrane keyboard, keypad, or switch is usually made from polyethylene terephthalate or ITO, indium tin oxide, as well.

The main benefits of membrane keyboards, keypads, and switches

  • Easy maintenance. Membrane keyboards and switches are much easier to keep clean compared to other types of keyboards and switches, which tend to attract dirt and grime. This dirt and grime often become ingrained or embedded into the socket’s crevices. Membrane keyboards and keypads, however, are designed to be smoother, with a completely sealed surface as well.
  • Less risk. The problem with mechanical switches and keyboards is that water can seep through the cracks and crevices, which may then cause a short circuit. This risk is all but eliminated with membrane switches, keyboards, and keypads since these have a full seal around their perimeter. There are even ratings when it comes to a membrane keyboard or keypad’s waterproofing capability, such as IP 67.
  • Easy repair. One other benefit brought about by membrane keyboards, keypads, and switches is the fact that they are much easier to repair than mechanical keyboards or switches. In order to repair a mechanical or rubber keyboard or keypad, you would have to remove its keys so that repairs can be done, and the keys would then have to be put back one by one. With a membrane keyboard, however, all that needs to be taken off is the overlay, and you can then see which part is damaged or not working, remove it and then replace it, and the keyboard will be as good as new. Most importantly, components like lubes, stem holders and switch films required for repairing the membrane keyboards (these tools are also used to repair mechanical keyboards) can be easily available at online stores similar to Kinetic Labs, which means that taking up the task and finishing it would not be much of a problem.
  • Better protection. Membrane keypads and keyboards are also better adapted to harsher or ‘hostile’ conditions, such as exposure to ultra-violet rays, which often damage an electronic gadget or device. Aside from this, membrane keypads and keyboards can be designed to be resistant to chemicals as well, as can be seen with the membrane keyboards, keypads, and switches from Fascia Graphics, a top manufacturer of membrane keyboards.
  • Versatility and flexibility. Since membrane keyboards, keypads, and switches are simpler and easier to construct than mechanical ones, they can be custom-made according to the needs and requirements of clients. What’s more, membrane keypads and keyboards, unlike rubber or mechanical keypads and keyboards, can be easily printed from a screen or digitally printed with no compromise on the quality of the graphics.

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