Horizontal Calculator

Open your calculator APP as you normally would, but instead of viewing the calculator landscape, turn your phone into portrait mode for some secret functionality that allows for further mathematical calculations.

Very handy if you ever forget your scientific calculator.

Fingerprint Slots

Have you ever been left frustrated when you use the wrong finger to try and unlock your phone? No? Just me then… anyway… you have up to 5 fingers registered on your iOs device. That is, of course, it’s one of the latest handsets (5s onwards)

Low Power Mode

The new age dilemma of having 1% left on your smartphone and with no charger on sight. Well, fear not iOs users, with the on-board battery saver the iOs will get you out of the nightmarish 1% life-ending scenarios. Simply navigate to ‘settings’, then onto ‘battery’ and then activate battery saver. This should give you some more juice to carry on playing candy crush.

Volume Rocker Controls

Not only is the volume rocker very handy for the obvious it also doubles as a clicker to your camera app. Perfect for taking those daily selfies with your bae/dog. Simply give it a click next time you’re taking pictures of your spaghetti bolognese.


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