So, it’s time for you to upgrade your phone, the latest models are out but you’ve got a big decision to make.

iOS vs Android is a question which has been asked all too frequently over the past few years, and in 2017, there is still no clear winner.

It’s all down to personal preference but here at Skaidon, we’re here to help which is why we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons of both iOS and Android handsets.


Of course, the first thing we all look at when choosing a new phone is the initial hardware and feel of the phone.

With Apple, you have much less choice as they only tend to sell three or four different handsets at one time. This may seem like a negative but when you look at the aesthetics of the phone, they’re all pretty stylish and seamless.

With Android, you have a whole host of phones to choose from with a varying range of prices and manufacturers including Sony and Samsung.

Everyone seems to assume that iPhones are better than Androids, hands down but that simply isn’t the case. The camera can be better than the iPhone, the battery life in newer models is longer lasting and crucially, androids offer expandable storage.

But features like the battery life shouldn’t put you off buying an Apple iPhone, especially if you like the idea of all the other things they can offer. Furthermore, any trouble you may encounter with the battery can be fixed by finding someone like this “iPhone Doctor” in your area who can replace the battery to give you the longer lifespan you desire.

The information given above is, again, just our opinion. If you have always had an iPhone, it is very likely you will continue with this model, and it will be the same if you have an Android.


In fairness, most applications run both an Android and iOS platform but the consensus seems to be that iOS are more responsive in their apps.

There is also more on offer with iOS. It seems to be the most important platform for companies to develop first. Plus, according to the statistics on Cell Phone Deal, malicious apps are more of a concern for Android users. This is because Android is open software, meaning anyone can build an app for it. So for these reasons, iPhone wins on apps.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that iOS is at the forefront of software in the war between these two operating systems, but recently that hasn’t been the case.

In the past few years, Android has come on leaps and bounds and has really given iOS a run for their money. Again, this comes down to personal preference as some prefer the home screen and flexibility of iOS devices whereas others much prefer being able to download third party software onto their devices.

The pros of iOS are that your phone becomes an extension of your computer, watch and tablet, the syncing ability is something which is incomparable.


There is a clear winner in this category, and it’s Android.

With devices ranging from 50 to 800, there really is something for everyone and every budget. This does make it hard in choosing which handset you prefer and by which manufacturer as there is so much to choose from.

iOS, on the other hand, is a little more pricey and they price points never really seem to shift, even after they’ve been on the market for six months. The cheapest iPhone you can pick up is probably an SE, which start at the 359 mark new, but you can pick them up cheaper if you go for a second-hand device. Newly released models usually come in at 620, but if you’re looking for a contract, you usually end up spending 1000+.

There are many pros and cons of each but for me, it has to be the classic iPhone, I do admit that the Android camera and opportunity for extra storage and multiple sims is enviable, but the overall feel and smoothness the iPhone offers is enough to sway me.

Android using apple music

What operating system and phone do you prefer? Let us know by getting in touch.

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