Virtual reality is an exciting new concept which has swept the tech and gaming world but how do we know VR is not just a gimmick?

When 3D TV was first released, it was revolutionary but after the initial excitement, it quickly died down and now, no one is buying into it. So, what’s different about virtual reality and is it here to stay?

Not Just for Gamers

VR has taken off in the world of gaming but this doesn’t mean that this tech is limited to those enjoying a gaming session.

From healthcare to hospitality, everyone in every industry is getting involved in virtual reality and maximising its potential. Whether it’s through showing a potential investor around a development which is only a shell to using VR in education and teaching children, the possibilities are endless.



Tech Giants are Involved

From Sony to Facebook and Apple, all of the key tech giants are getting involved in VR which suggests that virtual reality is here to stay.

With so much investment and development, we can only expect things to get better in the VR world.

Goldman Sach’s expects the VR industry to $80 billion by 2025! This is roughly the size of the desktop PC market today, so this really is a trend you need to look out for.

So Much More to Explore

The possibilities are endless with VR and we really have only just scratched the surface, in my opinion.

VR as it is can be incredible but imagine what the future holds there are talks of Nanotech VR and nanotechnology which is set to push boundaries and really change the way VR works. It is rumored to transport your mind into a virtual world, uploading your brain and memories into a network which you can relive through virtual experiences.

This, of course, may be centuries away but still seeing the signs of what is to come is hugely exciting.

The future of VR is in my opinion here to stay, it’s a slow road with the cost and technological development still hindering the process but with time and dedication, VR will prevail.


VR is an incredible advance in technology and we’d be fools for letting VR slip and not maximising its potential.

Have you used a VR device, or do you own one? What do you think about the future of VR? Let us know by getting in touch.

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