Graduating from college without a plan is a really bad idea, right? The best possible option is to get a job straight after senior year. However, in most cases, this is easier said than done. With that being said, here’s the list of best tips on how to position yourself to get the job right after college.

Make your expectations reasonable

You’re not the only student in the world, there are, as you know, many more of them. And almost every single one of them wants a job as much as you do. In other words, you will have to prepare yourself mentally for at least ten job interviews. It’s just how the game works.


It is never too early to start interning. Not only will you get the much-needed experience, but you will also find a job a lot easier. Make sure you find a good internship company such as Premium Graduate or the one which has a wide brand recognition, because those are the ones that will open many doors for you.

Use your school’s career services office

Even though all the students are well aware of the fact that this is the easiest and the most obvious way to get career help, only 29 percent of them use it. The best case and the most common scenario is that the office is going to connect you with an alum from your field of interest and who will help you with getting a job.

But the story doesn’t end there. Career offices can also help you with your résumé, job interview preparation and cover letter writing. Take advantage of your university’s resources as much as you can.

Prepare for those interviews

Treat interviews as classes – study the material, do practice problems etc. Also, try reducing your stress levels to a minimum because it can only cause you to blank when you are speaking to a hiring manager. In other words, it is very important that you adopt a problem-solving mindset.

Another important way to prepare is to practice and strategize. If your college offers mock interviews, make sure you take them. Not to mention that even some companies offer mock interviews as well.

Craft your story

Nobody wants to read a boring and stale résumé. Think of your application materials as chapters of one super interesting story you will tell to your employer. The cover letter, for example, should draw an obvious line between your experience which is illustrated in your resume and job description you are applying for. Not to mention that every piece you submit should be consistent and demonstrate your experience and potential are important for your potential employees. To ensure your resume is looking and reading the best it possibly can, opting for a company similar to ARC Resumes or others to write it for you can save your time and increase the possibility of you having an employer come back with a job offer.

Also, never underestimate the activities you did outside work, school or college. These are activities that reflect you better than your internship job or your summer job did. Feel free to express your passions and your hobbies such as blogging maybe, video making, humanitarian activities etc.

Google yourself

You wouldn’t believe how many hiring managers do a Google search before calling you. So before you start applying for a job, ask yourself: what story does your social network profile tells? Would you hire a person who has more drunk party photos than he friends? If your story doesn’t align with the narrative in your job applications, you will have to invest time and energy to change that. Our online presence needs to reflect our personal and professional interests.

Effective communication

When sitting at that interview, the ability to communicate effectively is the key. So there are few things you need to focus on.


The essential part of being a good communicator is being a good listener. You have to pay your full attention to your interviewer. Pay close attention to what he’s saying, ask clarifying questions and rephrase what he said so you ensure understanding (“So, if I understood correctly, what you’re saying is…”).

Nonverbal communication

Body language, eye contact, hand gestures all affect the message you’re trying to send. If your stance is relaxed and open and your tone is friendly, you will appear much more approachable so others will be encouraged to speak openly with you. Also, eye contact is crucial, because you want to demonstrate that you are 100 percent focused on the conversation.


It is important that you are nice and polite 100 percent of the time. Keep your tone friendly and smile occasionally – everyone likes warm people.


If you show confidence, they will believe in you and follow through with what are you saying. Showing confidence is simple as maintaining eye contact and using a friendly tone, but in the same time being careful not to sound aggressive and arrogant.

Bonus tip for when you get the job

Remember, every company needs incredible and brilliant people who have the potential of being the future leaders of the organization, but who are also willing to do hard work, despite the fact it can sometimes be inconvenient and unglamorous. So when you are asked to help out on something challenging, whatever that is, don’t ask are you going to get credit for it, because that reaction shows that you are not willing to be a team player.

Your time to shine has come. Start pursuing your dream job today, because it will most certainly not fall into your lap. We wish you the best of luck.

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