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The LG Watch Sport is every sense is a very very, smart watch at an affordable price. We’re not saying this is the cheapest of smart watches on the market but coming in at $349, it certainly holds its own against the popular Apple Watch. If you live a busy, fitness filled lifestyle and find that clunking around with your smartphone is too much hassle, then the LG Watch Sport will be for you. Running with the ability to be used without a phone makes this a necessity for gym goers. The ability to make calls and tap into Google Assistant at the wave of a finger means this will bring serious competition to the Apple Watch. One of the main downfalls is the battery life and lack of mainstream apps that you would find on other market leading smartwatches. But if sport is your thing, the Watch Sport from LG would be highly recommended.


  • Doesn’t require phone tethering
  • Able to track strength training
  • Appealing design despite big size
  • Battery life falls short
  • Missing some major apps
  • Phone calls (US only) require a SIM card

Plus points

  • Doesn’t require phone pairing
  • The ability to track strength while training
  • Wonderfully crafted and great finishing touches


  • Battery life is a bit of a downfall
  • Mainstream apps lacking (Future updates from 3rd party developers could fix this)
  • Sim Cards are required to make phone calls

Out the box

Straight out of the box the LG Watch Sport comes with plenty of amazing and unique features that other smartwatches lack.

Strapped with Android Wear 2.0 LG Watch Sport certainly puts the latest update through its paces.

Watch the in-depth review below for more information.



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