Waiting at the bus stop is something that may never change…well, in fact, it won’t! That’s why it’s called a “Stop”! But after waiting there for what you think is an eternity, and boarding the bus to find…Uh! Oh! Only a £10 note in your pocket, no change, and the look on the driver’s face says it all, is’s going to be one of those days.

But not anymore…

The new Stagecoach Bus App is just what the doctor ordered, Doctor Who that is, to bring us as up as his Tardis! Why?

Everything is in the one place

The new app has been designed to have all you need at your fingertips. Journey planning, ticket purchase, and even accurate bus arrival times at your stop to cut down that waiting time. Amazing technology, right? Even the Doctor would be impressed.

The ease with which you can buy tickets is as it should be. A few clicks and no paperwork. The ticket can’t be blown away but you will be with this app! With the ticket stored on the phone it’s as easily accessible as…well, your smartphone! Just show it to the driver as you board the bus. His job just got easier and your ticket purchase has become simple.

Great for Local travel

What about some real hi-tech stuff? Set your location on your phone’s GPS and the app helps you find the right bus to get, where bus stops are, and what route to take. Pretty amazing indeed!

If you use the journey planner feature it will help you find your bus stop, both getting on and getting off. If you have a regular route, one that you use every day, for example going to work, you save all the details on the app and this makes ticket purchases a breeze.

The Stagecoach Bus App is free and you can download it for Apple and Android smartphones. Take it from me, this app is a great download for regular bus travellers as well as for the person who seldom takes a bus.

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