Have you just invested in a printer, Duplo DC-516 Cutter Creaser, and paper guillotine? Are you looking to step up your print marketing game? Or are you wanting to provide marketing for others? If so, you might want to look into Scodix. It is rocketing in popularity as one of the best finishes for printed products. With a digitally-enhanced, raised ink effect; Scodix effortlessly boosts overall quality, which makes it an incredible option for clients of printing companies across the UK.

If you run or work for a printing service, you need to be aware of the benefits of Scodix and how it can boost your company’s earnings. With the help of Where the Trade Buys, a leading UK supplier of case bound book printing, you can discover how to sell, promote and make money through Scodix.

Why Scodix?

If you haven’t worked with Scodix or are unsure of its advantages, you might have reservations about putting company time and resources towards its promotion. However, this finish is recognised industry-wide for its luxury look and professional aesthetic – most notably in August, when Scodix Ultra Pro Foil, which is a subsidiary of the Scodix finish, received the 2017 InterTech Technology Award.

With a growing number of businesses emerging every year across the UK, competition is fierce. Consequently, it’s crucial that marketing products are as effective as possible – so clarity and quality are essential to making one print product stand out over the other and in giving firms an edge over their competitors. Recently in the UK, we’ve experienced a rise in the number of independent print products and many of these depict a brand and message that must be clearly communicated – and excellent clarity is a key feature of the Scodix finish. With recent studies showing that people are more likely to pick up and examine print that has a raised finish, Scodix’s chances of ensuring a successful product that advertises clearly and is well-received seem high.

However, design is only part of the process when it comes to print marketing. The credibility of the brand is also reflected in the way that packaging and publicity materials are created, which means selecting the best substrates and finishes – which is where Scodix comes in.

Scodix is making waves in the print industry for a reason, so try not to get left behind. This stunning finish is ideal for delivering a stand-out product that diversifies a brand from its competitors while raising profit margins.

How you can promote Scodix to clients

Now that you know the main features of Scodix and how it can improve the aesthetic of print products, next is selling the finish to customers. Typically, this will be far easier if you target existing customers rather than new clients, so upselling is a fantastic base to launch your Scodix strategy.


Select some of the clients you’ve had for a long time, or ones you have an especially good relationship with, and propose Scodix when renegotiating their contracts. Tell them how it can boost their marketing strategies by providing a higher-quality finish, and show them evidence of Scodix’s success across the print industry.

Utilising your companies marketing platforms

Remember, many customers don’t mention Scodix because they don’t know about it. So, spread awareness and get potential clients considering the service by promoting Scodix via blog posts, email campaigns, direct mail campaigns, and even your e-mail signature.


In the print industry, seeing and feeling the finished print product can make a huge difference. Next time you have a business meeting with your clients, take Scodix samples. This will help massively when you’re talking about how it can enhance and add value to standard printing. You could even create sample packs for them so that they have something to take away, to keep Scodix on their minds.

Establishing its true worth

Working out the manufacturer’s cost and gauging the perceived value of it for a client is essential to making a profit with Scodix and selling it effectively. It’s key that you don’t play down the potential that premium products, like Scodix, give your clients. Look at Apple’s business model, for example, which focuses on making profits in the laptop sector by applying a high mark-up to premium products.

Personalise your Scodix sell

The key to unlocking an easy sell of Scodix to clients is to customise your pitch to each brand. Analyse your client’s artwork and tell them how it can look better with the raised, textured finish of Scodix. Example products that benefit from the enhancement of Scodix could include:

  • Business cards.
  • Brochure covers.
  • Book covers.
  • Greetings cards.
  • Presentation folders.

Once you’ve given advice on how Scodix can boost the aesthetic of your client’s products, why not take it to the next level and help ensure a sale with booklet printing? Print extra copies of clients’ current work with the Scodix finish for free. This lets you show real examples of Scodix working with their branded artwork, which could significantly raise the chances of them considering Scodix for their next print run.

Scodix is here to stay. Taking the overall quality of printed products to the next level, it’s a trend you can’t afford to miss.

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