Professional gambling is a high-risk and rewarding career choice. The takings from gaming on some of the best AU online casinos makes for a more direct manner through which one’s gaming hobby can be monetised, but the many options go much further than that. In many games it is hard to make money unless you are a top 1% player who participates in tournaments and makes compelling content that people want to see. But those at the top have managed to turn their hobby into a serious career.

With this warning in mind, let’s look at some of the ways you can make money from video games. I’ve written a guide on how to begin streaming on Twitch, but when it comes to making money on a video game, there’s no “hit and miss” way.

If you are an experienced player with experience in dozens of different video games, you can use these skills to help other players make money for you. Similar to player coaches, you can expect to earn more if you offer more than just bodyguards or teach players game mechanics. But remember that getting paid to play Test matches means a lot more than just sitting on the couch.

Maintaining this is no ordinary task, which means that it is difficult to estimate exactly how much you will earn. Players at Socwork and Fiverr charge $15 to $90 per minute for a session, with your bodyguard or live guide increasing it to $25 or more for premium services. Many of the coaches I have hired are charging between $30 and $60 an hour on average, and many earn more because video game coaching is a billion-dollar business.

Game developers pay good money for these services and are constantly on the lookout for the best players. Look for coaches who are solo players or professionals. To earn this kind of money via ebook route, create guides for the most popular games and the more popular the game the more competition you will get.

You can choose multiple routes, such as creating a website, writing tutorials, uploading videos of them to YouTube and publishing them as e-books. The first one won’t make you rich, but if you’re just learning how to make money from games, it’s a great place to start.

The payouts are huge, with some players earning six-figure salaries. This is an enormous amount of money to make, and I consider it one of the funniest and most straightforward ways there is.

If you have the talent to play, you can sign up for an esports team and participate in tournaments around the world. If this is a career you want to pursue, you could take home up to $90,000 a year. If superstar gamers make you nervous on social channels, consider working in the industry as a game developer.

Gaming is a great way to escape reality and earn a little extra money, with a more direct way of doing so being that of gaming on platforms such as It’s possible to earn money from video games with a little time and attention, so take this childhood hobby and spice it up a little.

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