Facebook has now more than 1.3 billion users around the world and it is used by over 50 million businesses including real money casinos at australian online casino sites. The social media giant could soon let businesses send mass chat messages to their customers. This tool is still being tested and it is expected to roll out worldwide soon. Facebook has confirmed that the feature is being tested privately. Messenger Broadcast will make it easier for businesses using Facebook as a marketing tool to reach their targeted customers. However, Messenger Broadcast will only work to Messenger users that have already initiated a conversation with the business.

The prototype versions let businesses to create a welcome message text, video or images to a user visiting the business page. Business can preview their message on Messenger or within Messenger Broadcast user interface.  This feature will be an added advantage to businesses that use the power of Facebook in reaching out to existing and potential customers. Business will use Messenger Broadcast for free during the first days of its release. However, it is not yet certain if the business will be asked for a fee to use the tool in future.

To avoid users from getting huge amounts of spam messages, Facebook must stick to the policy of initiating a conversation with a business before including real money casinos business. It has no intentions to change this policy.  In spite of being an advantage to business, some users might find it being a nuisance to receive messages from various businesses they have contacted before. It is still unclear if users will be able to block broadcast messages.  Facebook refused to comment on this tool. The company doesn’t comment on unreleased features. The social media giant often tests new features internally before making a decision whether to release them or not.

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