One of the things computer owners usually worry about is maintaining their computers. After all, if they’re using their computers for something, whether it is gaming or business, how well they do those tasks relates to how well the computer performs. Some people prefer to use optimization software like the one available from, while others prefer a more hands-on approach, especially users who customize and maintain their own computers. Optimizing, maintaining, and fixing your computers is a must for all users.

While gamers and business owners all have reasons to spend hundreds, if not thousands, on their computers, that doesn’t mean that an average user should ignore their computer’s performance. Indeed, basic knowledge of computer performance is necessary so that you can tell whether it’s time to do maintenance, do some optimization, or when something is wrong, so you can fix it immediately. Part of the reason why PC gaming is so expensive is that gamers achieve pleasure and satisfaction through playing high-end video games that need great processing power and expensive high-end components. Business owners that use computers usually spend a lot maintaining their systems too because if the system fails then they can’t perform, which means loss of profit.

Response Time, Multitasking, And Network Speed

A computer, for it to be deemed optimal, has to be all these at all times:

  1. A computer has to have a short response time. When a person gives it a command, the computer must immediately respond, whether positively or negatively. Of course, there is a very short delay between a user’s action and the computer’s reaction. But this short gap must be negligible.
  2. A computer must be able to multitask. Multitasking is when one is able to do two or more things at once. A computer is deemed optimal if it can multitask with no problem. If a computer slows down due to multitasking, freezes up, or the applications cause the computer to hang or crash then that computer isn’t optimal.
  3. The network speed must be fast, at least within an acceptable range and of good quality. A slow network is not suitable for business and gaming. Neither is a connection that tends to disconnect very often. The connection must also be able to handle huge traffic, especially if the computer is used for multitasking.

So, in short: a computer must have a short response time, must be able to multitask, and have a good network connection. For a computer to meet all three requirements, a computer must have parts that work well together. Because of this, gamers and businesses spend lots to not only make sure they’re using the latest and best parts in the market today, but also see to it that those parts are compatible with each other and are using the currently implemented standards. They even make sure that their systems are running at the recommended temperature by the manufacturer of these parts to make sure of optimal performance all the time.

But of course, not all users can do all this. It is enough, however, to keep all these at an acceptable level instead as an average computer user. After all, the computer was invented to make certain tasks easier. It is useless if they actually cause us more trouble.


Image: Pixabay

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