Security issues

One of the biggest reasons why the online casino industry doesn’t make use of CMSs is the constantly looming threat of security vulnerabilities which could otherwise get exploited by malicious hackers just looking for an opportunity to cheat the system or just take it down for whatever reason. This is not to say the likes of WordPress and other Content Management Systems have built-in security issues and come with vulnerabilities, however if a CMS user misses an update at a vital time or perhaps doesn’t configure their website properly using the CMS of their choice, this creates a window of opportunity to be exploited by malicious users and online businesses such as online casinos don’t really have the time to spend trying to keep up with CMS updates and the likes. This could clash with the regular development and update terrace of the core features which operate their online gambling platform, over which there is simply no room for error since real money is being dealt with live.


Speaking of core operational features, perhaps the customisation consideration should have been mentioned first as the leading reason why online casino platforms simply don’t use Content Management Systems. I mean you’ll never find something like a BGO casino offer leading to an online casino platform which you can clearly see was built on something like a WordPress or Joomla template. It’s a simple matter of customisation. Content Management System sites have limited functionality and although that functionality is rich enough to cover many of the basic functions of even the most sophisticated of web applications these days, a business such as an online casino needs a lot more customisation.


Extensibility perhaps builds on from customisation and even on the security issues as well in that Content Management Systems only offer certain functionality which one might sometimes want to extend a little bit or just tweak it to cater to a specific feature they want for their site.

Legacy features

One of the most important features of any online casino platform which can never be catered to by a ready-made solution such as a CMS website template is indeed that of being able to display to the user an extensive history of relevant information they may want to use or make reference to, including the likes of the winning stats associated with a particular online casino game they may be enjoying. Things like a progressive jackpot also perhaps fall under legacy features, but either way, these are some features which no CMS template caters to – if a CMS developer caters to such features they may as well go the distance and create their very own online gambling script with which they can operate their own online casino, as that is the amount of time and effort incorporating such features into a CMS website would take.

Legitimacy issues

Finally, which self-respecting prospective online gambler is going to take a punt on a site which very likely looks like another site they may have seen, quite simply because that site made use of a CMS template?

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