I remember the days when the short walk from school each day came with the reward of being able to walk into the arcade for those of us who’d managed to spare some change from our lunch money, only to spend what would turn into more than a couple of hours playing The House of the Dead! Great times those were, even though the gaming world has since evolved and it’s perhaps common knowledge by now that what your mom says about you never amounting to anything if all you do is play video games is not quite true.

Quite the contrary actually, as there are so many different ways through which you can go as far as making a really good living through your gaming exploits. Online gaming in particular pays really well if you take the right approach to it, whether you want to have it pay you directly or indirectly.
Betting on online gaming can also be a viable option to make a bit of extra cash. You can click here, to learn, how you can get the start for gambling on online games.


Many people reach a level in a game and get stuck. Even with all the online walk-throughs available nowadays, some games are just impossible for your average gamer to crack. That’s why becoming a booster can be so lucrative. Gamers can use an mmr boost service to move on to the next level of their game, but someone has to actually complete the level they’re stuck on first. That’s where being a booster comes in. Boosters are professional gamers who complete games anonymously for a price. You need to be pretty experienced to be a game booster, as you might be encountering dozens of different games on any given day, some of them you won’t have played before. Luckily, variety is the spice of life, as they say.

Game Engine Hosting

For an indirect way through which online gaming can pay you, I’ll go right back to the House of the Dead example. For me personally the very first release of this game (albeit released on arcade gaming machines) will always be the best as it brings back a lot of great childhood memories. I would bet my last fiver that there are many, many other people like me all over the world and so one can make money with indirect online gaming by hosting the simulators and engines for these nostalgic game titles.

House of the Dead was never really released for the PC, but if you want to take a trip down memory lane you can definitely enjoy it on your PC. However, if you want to be on the other side of the fence and be the one hosting these retro gaming titles, simply put some advertising on the web page portals through which fanatics can download the simulators and engines, to enjoy on their modern machines.

Game Testing

Some say this is the best job in the world if you’re into gaming and it’s very hard to argue with that, even if what you’re essentially doing is working and looking for specific technicalities highlighted by the beta development team of the specific gaming franchise you’re testing. You can also do it independently by using a screen recording software, like Loom or similar others, to review commercially released games as well, perhaps with some live commentary if you wish. In this case of course the monetisation element would come through advertising and/or sponsorship.

Gaming Competitions

This is more of a direct way of earning money with your online gaming exploits and it simply entails entering interactive competitions. You’ll need a solid internet connection and a whole lot of time spent mastering the game of choice so as to gain the upper hand over many other similarly eager gaming hopefuls from all over the world.

Another way of making money directly with your online gaming would be that of online casinos where as expected, you can play for and win real money – big money. lists some free spins with which you can get started.

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