Certainly, in every company, there are often conferences or workshops that need to be hosted. In such situations, it is often difficult to collect a list of attendees and store the data safely. Of course, this is something that businesses do take seriously. Luckily, there are ways to get this sort of data. Some businesses will organize their events online with the help of companies like Smart Works ( Those event planners take care of everything, so they will find out which attendees will be joining. However, some businesses will plan these events themselves, For this reason, it is worth using the latest technological solutions and choosing Konfeo system. Thanks to the system, you can quickly sign up for an event. It’s so easy!

Konfeo system is an innovation

Konfeo is a great tool for organizing various types of events. In particular, conferences, training courses and workshops. Its usefulness is also appreciated by the organizers and participants of various sports and music events. The system has been developed to provide event organizers with the solution that combines three key features.

First of all, it is the convenience of use, understood as ease and speed of use. Second, it is the safety of collected data – ensured by the system architecture and secure SSL connection. Third, operational reliability – the most important thing in any online software.

Konfeo’s advantages

An interesting fact is that Konfeo has already served over 4,500 events with over 150,000 registrations. Because Konfeo system is a tool developed and created by practitioners, you can be sure that it is an intuitive and yet advanced application that is used to effectively organize events. In addition, Konfeo has been designed to make work in it very convenient and did not require prior training.

Konfeo system is based on 12 years of experience combining the ability to create, develop and service advanced web applications. It is all linked with practical knowledge about the organization of various types of events. The event registration software implements the “less is more” philosophy in practice. Thus, you avoid unnecessary accumulation of functions, options, system settings and configurations. The system offers all the elements necessary to organize various types of events. This includes, among others, mass events, training courses and workshops, conferences and scientific congresses.

You don’t have to sit in the office to manage your events. With any mobile device you can instantly get access to all the information you need.

The main purpose of training is to bring the company very tangible results and benefits. Your employees can develop their skills and improve their competences in many useful organization areas of your company, eg. their trade skills. You can also invite your business partners to a workshop, eg. to improve your relationship in the area of products, services etc. It is worth remembering that now you can do it very quickly and efficiently with Konfeo. The system is definitely worth signing up.

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