With all the talk of robots all geared up to “take our jobs away from us” in the very near future, one would naturally want to take a much closer look at the career path they choose to pursue in this day and age. Parents of the so-called Millennial generation already have the backlash of a slowing economy to have to contend with, which is a big contributor to the rather slow manner in which their children are progressing in life, generally. There’s already a shortage of jobs and what was good enough career-wise a mere twenty years ago is no longer enough to enjoy the type of life a typical person would refer to as a quality life today.

So how do we adapt then?

It’s been often said that one should follow their heart and the money will follow, but in reality a lot of supporting actions have to come into play to fill in the blanks. There are certain things in life we all have to subject ourselves to, one way or another, such as getting an education and earning money for a living in some or other way. The manner in which we do those things doesn’t have to be the same however and it should in fact not be the same. We should adapt our approach to educating ourselves so that we are equipped for what’s to come in the future – I mean thinking about it from the point of view of robots set to take our jobs away, if you’re educated as a programmer or at least a coder of some sort, you can get involved in the creative side of the coming wave of the robotic revolution.

Learn to code

In some forward-looking places in the world, the custodians of the education system are already gearing up for the upcoming robotic revolution, which isn’t explicitly limited to physical robots that are set to “replace humans in their jobs”. There are so many different career opportunities in the programming world, many of which are in effect created out of thin air. Some of the best examples of programming skills in action would be an online casino game such as Book of Ra. You can bet your bottom pound the creator or creators of this online casino game didn’t graduate from their Software Engineering or Programming degree course with even the faintest idea that they’d be part of a team of developers who would be developing online casino games.

This merely serves to demonstrate just how many opportunities there are for anyone who takes the time to skill themselves as a programmer. Basically if you go the formal route and obtain a programming qualification you’re almost guaranteed a job if you can demonstrate your ability to adhere to industry standards. The truly great thing about programming though is that you can learn to code without going the formal route, through using companies like that can give you expert advice from the comfort of your own home. Also, if you’re a particularly creative person, you can look beyond the world of formal employment and build things which you can sell over and over again.

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