“You’ll never achieve anything just sitting around all day, playing video games,” said the justifiably concerned mother to her young adult son. I can say with absolute certainty that this was a problem many moms out there voiced their concerns about over the course of the late nineties all the way to the late 2000s, but what many of these concerned parents perhaps didn’t fully understand was that it was indeed possible to make some good money playing video games all day.

I’m talking about game testing, but in addition to getting paid to test out games by essentially playing them all day, towards the late 2000s making money from the gaming industry for the average guy on the street tended to move more towards professional and semi-pro gaming. At the most basic of levels, anyone who thinks they’re the best at a certain game was very easy to lure into a competition in which there is an entrance fee and all the money from those entries is pooled together to pay for the organisation of the gaming event with some of it set aside for a good prize money.

You perhaps didn’t even need to win the whole competition outright, with the likes of the first and second runners-up also getting rewarded with some prize money.

I mean it’s very easy to convince someone who believes they’re the area code’s best FIFA player to enter a competition and put their money where their mouth is, but it does get even more professional than that in terms of professional interactive gaming. People fly all over the world on all-expenses-paid trips to link up with their fellow gaming teammates in some instances for their very well coordinated and planned shot at the pro gaming big time.

Getting back to game testers however, although game testing in the traditional sense seems to have died out a bit with the turn of the decade, game testing is indeed making a comeback, albeit in a different form. Where the typical gamer would have received a pre-release version of a game title in their mail to essentially play it all day and test for bugs and take down notes on elements such as playability and difficulty, the typical game tester operating in this day and age can earn money testing games online.

It makes sense though and as a result of high stakes gaming platforms growing in popularity and in the number of these which are available, the likes of the Costa del Cash online casino need to be functioning perfectly as soon as they go live and accept eager gamers from all over the world. Such platforms simply cannot afford to have glitches and bugs, which they really never do, it must be said, quite simply because some real cash is at stake and gamers who play these games stand to win a lot of money.

This online gambling industry along with the developers they collaborate with to develop these platforms is a major employer of the new age game tester, but there isn’t all that much noise made about any of it.

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