Companies are increasingly become technologically oriented to the extent that in years to come so many people will be jobless. Robots are a major threat to the manpower that could be replaced by robots. Future automation and artificial intelligence is likely to take over all the sectors. We’ve have heard about robot doctors, lawyers and even robot casino game dealers (different from online gambling). You can learn more about casino live dealers by visiting seems like no one will really have job security.

Some of the robotics companies or robots makers reported that many professions are most likely to be automated in future. These professions include white-collar jobs in media, finance, marketing, legal, health, advertising, and accounting. Other shipping or delivery companies are planning for the future and paving the way to use robots for deliveries.

Automobile companies such as Mercedes Benz are preparing for a future with robots which ensure delivery efficiency. It rolled out a prototype of a delivery van with loading bays that can accommodate delivery robots. The robots then deliver packages to your doorsteps.

The way robots technology is advancing many jobs will be obsolete due to replacements by robots. One of the greatest operating costs for companies is wages and salary bill. Many australian online pokies don’t employ many people since everything runs using a specific program. Using robots is efficient and can help to cut costs in the long run despite forking out lot money to purchase and install robots.

Automation does not only result in job loss but the governments also losses out on taxation unless they plan to tax each robot. Many research companies warn that workers should not see themselves in jobs in the next decade and entrepreneurship is the only way to be safe.

In the UK, some care homes are already tying out robots. The robots tasks are to remind residents to take their medications among other duties performed by a nurse.

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