The Great British summer of sport is now into full swing, even if England succumbed to penalties yet again. There is still plenty to enjoy during the next few months with the final of Euro 2012, Wimbledon and, of course, the London Olympics. Your punters and you deserve the best, so you should get your hands on state-of-the-art screens to show all the action on.

 A decent screen or two will soon pay for itself as your venue becomes known for showing must-see events in style. The return on investment in a decent screen is usually a good one, so if you haven’t gotten round to getting a screen installed, then you should get your skates on and take advantage of the superb summer of sport we have ahead of us. Here we take a look at projectors and screens for pubs.

 Projectors for pubs

If you want a big crowd watching the game with you, then you need a big screen. A projector is the ideal solution for a busy venue, allowing everybody to watch the same screen together which really gets an atmosphere going.

The most important factor when it comes to choosing your ANSI Lumens are a measure of how bright the projector is. The higher the figure, the brighter the picture and the more robust it will be to all types of lighting conditions. For a pub or club it is best that you go for greater than 2000 lumen, which is why our range starts at 2200.

If you have an HD receiver in your venue then it would be a waste to use anything other than a projector with the ability to show a crystal clear picture. Our 2500 HD Ready ANSI Lumen Projector gives a superior picture and is well worth the modest amount extra that it costs.

Projector screens for pubs

Once you have selected your projector, it makes sense to get a dedicated screen for it. Most walls have a surprising amount of imperfections that will show up under the light of a projector. Our Electric Projector Screens are available from a substantial 180cm size all the way through to a huge 240cm. At the push of a button they can be retracted so you can preserve the look of the room when it is not in use.

HD TV for pubs

If a projector is a bit much, then how about an HD TV or two? If you don’t want to splash too much cash, or if your venue would not suit one large screen, then you can get a smaller plasma or LCD TV to show sport on. From HD ready 22 inch screens to full HD plasmas of up to 60 inches in size, there is a screen for every need. You may find that multiple small screen work best in a sprawling venue where it is hard for everybody to gather in one place, so it is best to go for several smaller units. Other spaces may suit having one larger screen where the punters can congregate and watch together; the choice is yours.

We even carry the ultimate summer entertainment accessory; an outdoor plasma screen! This Sanyo, full HD TV is a 52 inch wonder. It is vandal and tamper proof with anti-reflective glass and it is completely waterproof, as you never know what the British summer will throw at you. This is the ideal way to keep the outdoor atmosphere alive even when there is a big game on the TV. Who could resist popping into a pub with this outside?

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