Whether you love it or hate it, the Apple Watch is one of those pieces of technology that has revolutionised the way we communicate. A telephone, inside a watch. It’s like something from a science fiction film.

As well as improving the way we communicate, the Apple Watch has found its way into arguments within business, with questions surrounding how the watch can provide efficiencies within the this world. Here are just several benefits that an Apple Watch can have for your business.

Answer calls on the go

Whatever product range you prefer, you can always guarantee that Apple will provide you with a solid aesthetic, filled with classy design and a slick user interface. This makes the Apple Watch a perfect piece of technology for business owners while on-the-go and answering calls.

Providing all the benefits of a hands-free device, the watch enables you to tune-in to business calls at the touch of a button. However, answering important business calls while on the move can often be distracting, and mean you aren’t achieving the same clarity of thought or concentration that you would generate from fully-focused business calls, while still in your office.

Have you considered a call answering service?

Although Apple Watches are at the forefront of technology, the latest method that businesses are sourcing new efficiencies from is by outsourcing their sales and customer calls to a professional and reliable call answering service. Call answering packages from the likes of Planet Numbers ensure that all your business calls will be answered within three rings, and dealt with in-line with the expectations and values that your company would expect. This allows business owners to make the important decisions, while their sales calls are outsourced to a crack team of sales advisors.

It all depends on what type of calls you’re taking

When you’re a business owner it can often be difficult to keep your hand out of every pot within the business, which sometimes means you can find yourself neglecting the more important tasks at hand. Using an Apple Watch to take calls from key stakeholders or clients could be the perfect way to stay in the loop, and also means that you can link up your watch with your Mac or iPhone to jot down important data.

However, there’s no need for the owner of a business to be answering high volumes of customer and sales calls. Let a call answering service do all the admin work for you, while you sit back and make those big decisions.

There are many amazing deals surrounding call answering services to help ensure that your business is working as efficiently as it should be. Planet Numbers ensure that your calls will be answered within three rings and any wrong numbers you receive will not be charged in the total cost of your bill. It’s something to consider when weighing up your options against new technologies and generating improved business efficiencies.

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