What is social media listening?

I bet everybody who owns or co-owns a company would love to get a review of what their clients think about their products and services. A brand might have considered using a website similar to and thought about even collaborating with an influencer, so that their brand may get some attention that they desire to have. This would then lead to, hopefully, an increase in the brand’s popularity. However, once this has been achieved a brand might want to know what their consumers think of either their products or services that are being offered. With the inception of online marketing, it has become quite easy to get feedback from your customers about your brand through social media listening. Social listening involves tracking, analyzing, and responding to clients about your company online, and it makes up a significant part of audience research. It works fantastically alongside other options, such as going to buy Instagram likes, and you can also listen in and get to understand what your competitors are doing differently, and maybe learn something. This kind of interaction on social media has become quite rampant, and brands across the globe have adopted it.

Social media listening involves two processes. The first process is where you will keenly go through your social media channels and look out for a mention of your company, your services and products, competitors, and anything else that is linked to your business. Secondly, you will grab this information and work towards making affirmative moves depending on what you can capture. You might wonder what kind of affirmative action you can make. Well, clients often leave reviews about brands on social media channels, whether negative or positive, it is up to you to respond to the clients. You can also decide to do social media monitoring, which is different from social listening in such a way that the former does not need you to take action.

What is social monitoring, and how does it differ from social listening?

When we talk about social media monitoring, we take in all aspects of collecting data from social media channels. Through social monitoring, you can reflect on the recent happenings in your company, and also use monitoring to test different methods of campaigns, or monitor ROI. In social media monitoring, you listen in to the number of times your brand gets mentioned, and how much you engage with your customers online. For social media listening, brands focus mostly on determining the moods of their customers other than the ratings. With social listening, you get to understand how your customers feel about you, your brand, and also your competitors.

Deciphering the moods of clients through social media channels is also known as social media sentiments, and it is a significant component of social listening. Unlike social monitoring that involves retrospective studies, social media listening focuses on prospective studies about the future of your brand.

Importance of social listening

As much as you might want to deny it, people are talking about your brand on social media channels. Therefore, if you are not using social listening as part of your marketing tool, you are failing in business. There are several ways through which social listening benefits your company. One such method is that it allows you to interact with your customers intimately. You can respond to customer needs or listen to what they have to say about your brand. Secondly, you can use social listening to monitor specific mood changes among your clients, you can then work on understanding why such changes occurred, and whether they were positive or negative. Next, you get to listen in and understand what people think about you and your other competitors, what are they doing right that you are not, and vice-versa.

Types of Social listening tools

One social platform that allows you to engage with your customers is NetBase, which is a leader in social analytics. The platform is powered by powerful next-generation Artificial Intelligence to deliver the best ROI, whereas providing accurate, fast, and in-depth customer insights to high-profile companies to help them work on accomplishing their goals. Companies can use NetBase to gather authentic social, survey, care, and digital data to gain the right insights to propel their businesses forward. NetBase processes millions of social media posts every day to help in marketing research, product innovation, PR, and customer service.

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