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1There are just some basic tech tips every person needs to know, especially in this modern world. If you want to brush-up on your technology skills, here are 5 top tips you need to know.

#1 Generate a Strong Password

Now this is one of the most important tech tips on the list, as this will determine how secure your computer, online bank account, email and social media profiles are. It is the difference to being safe on the internet or vulnerable to attack.

By generating a strong password, you make it difficult for a hacker to access a computer or account. We recommend using a combination on lower and uppercase passwords, numbers and symbols.

#2 Secure Your Passwords

On top of creating a secure password, you should secure your passwords. Never write them down on a piece of paper for someone to find, and use a system such as LastPass so you can manage different usernames and passwords.

#3 Computer Maintenance

There’s nothing worse than a slow computer. It is easily one of the most annoying things on the planet. It is therefore essential to perform a regular health check on your computer, which means scanning your computer for malware, deleting unwanted files or applications, clearing cookies and browsing history and defragging your hard drive.

#4 Don’t Fall for Extended Warranties

So many companies will almost always ask you to take out an extended warranty on a device. Do not do it. Most of the time, a technology device will exceed three years, so they could end up being a complete waste of money.

#5 Read, Read, Read

Technology changes all the time, so read up on your changes in the industry if you want to become more tech savvy. This can help you to identify the latest gadgets hitting the market, know when the next Windows update will take place or be one step ahead of the crowd on the latest social media network.