Technology is everchanging. We can’t deny that our lives continue to change for the better with the evolution of technology. More devices, gadgets, new releases, etc. are introduced every year. It’s all part and parcel of the development of this phenomenon.

The iGaming industry is no exception – gaming providers are pulling out all the stops to create games that generate thrills and excitement. This article will give you a better insight into what goes into the creation of casino games.

Technology and Casino Games

Without a doubt, the iGaming industry has revolutionized the casino world. Ever since the very first online casino platform was launched in 1996, more and more players joined the online community and more and more impressive casinos have been created, as we can on Naturally, things progressed for the better, as seen in the number of players signing up and the revenues. By 2017, the gambling market was already worth $45.8 billion! Additionally, the gross win increased by 14%, during the last decade. Considering that it is estimated that it will be worth $94.4 billion by 2024, we should expect nothing but great things from the gambling industry.

However, what does this mean for gaming developers? If we take the gaming industry’s rapid growth into consideration, this means that they have to constantly up their game. They have to raise the bar in order to compete with other developers. They have to keep in mind that the development of technology isn’t going to stop anytime soon, so they need to create something spectacular every single time.

Naturally, this is becoming slightly difficult. Of course, developers can create hundreds of slots and casino games, but how many of them can you create? Especially since the gambling industry has been around for a very long time, perhaps the options are limited at times. Whilst developers can create new visuals, plots, animations, and other features that truly make a game stand out, there’s only so much you can do with something that has been here for years.

That said, developers constantly need to think outside the box if they want to be successful in this market. Let’s face it, we can see it vanishing anytime soon. That said, developers need to accept and implement such technologies into these games, whilst staying true to the original source. To do this, they should think like the player and ask themselves questions like the following.

•             Does my platform offer an interactive experience to the player?

•             Is the space a user-friendly platform?

•             Are there enough games for everyone’s preferences?

•             How can I revamp a classic slot in a way that doesn’t disappoint the player?

•             What kind of rewards can I add to my games?

•             How immersive are my games?

•             Does my platform offer the customer support the player requires?

These are only a couple of questions that would help developers stay in the loop with rapid growth of this industry. Let us now take a closer look at some of the features that can be added to the user experience.

Features that Enhance the User Experience

Design, Visuals & Graphics

You simply can’t develop a platform without putting your heart and soul in it. Players look for interactive spaces they can relate to. Everything has to be on a theme – for example, if you’re creating a casino platform about the Las Vegas strip or about travelling, all elements related to both themes must be included.

It’s useless creating a platform without extra effort. So what can you do as a developer? First off you need to think about an attractive title. Following that, everything will fall into place. Take Gate 777 Casino – we think it’s a prime example of having everything on-brand. From start to finish, everything is related to travelling. Simply put, anyone who enjoys casino games and travelling, will find everything they need under one roof.

In this regard, you also need to think about cutting edge animations, graphics, and an overall great design. Remember, players, are after an interactive experience. Don’t give them anything less than what they’ve signed up for.


It goes without saying that anything that has the word free in it attracts players. In the past, land-based casinos didn’t offer any bonuses,  free spins, jackpots and other promos with slot machines.

However, newer technology has brought about these changes and nowadays, developers need to keep in mind the following. A site without even a hint of exclusives, won’t entice players. A great gaming experience needs to offer something more than just the games – it has to offer the full meal deal.

Social Media Sites

We all know how social media platforms impact the whole world. Whether they’re interested in the news section, celeb gossip, photography or to simply stay in touch with their family and friends, people flock to their social media platforms.

This also applies to the iGaming industry. To attract more customers, more providers are considering the option of linking their games through a social media site. In this way, they are either available online or offline. Should players opt to play online, they can interact with other friends or players and in turn, organize tournaments. This will definitely help gaming providers stay in touch with the constant technological developments, as it would provide a more interactive space.

Video Tutorials and Demos

Even though seasoned casino players might not need demos and tutorials, it’s still a handy feature to have on a casino platform. For starters, video tutorials about the game can help beginners feel a little more at ease. There’s no need to complicate things; a video tutorial can feature the important things players find useful when playing.

Some of these elements include a short feature about the actual game, the rewards, and how to use the features. In this way, newly registered players can familiarize themselves with the game by seeing someone else playing it and earning rewards along the way.

Once they have a better idea, they can even opt to try the demos before playing for real money. We can’t stress enough how useful demos are. Gaming developers need to keep in mind that irrespective of someone’s gaming level, not everyone is comfortable playing for real money immediately. Even seasoned players might want to check out what’s in store for them before investing time and money in a particular game. That said, any up and coming casinos should follow suit and also strive to incorporate demos as part of their platform.

The Mobile Market

Currently, there is a huge demand for the mobile market. More and more players are seeking ways where they can enjoy casino games on more platforms, rather than just their laptops and desktop devices. Naturally, this is all part of the wave of change that more advanced technologies are bringing about.

In this regard, casino developers need to make sure they can offer a fully optimized mobile site or a fully functional app. All games, rewards, and features should be available, in the same way, players can avail from them on a desktop site. Simply put, the mobile site needs to be an extension of the desktop version.


This goes hand in hand with the design aspect. Gaming developers need to give players customizable solutions that enhance the overall gaming experience. For example, slots should have features such as Auto Spin, Max Bet, and adjustable paylines, especially since there are many players who don’t like interruptions during the gameplay.

Gaming developers should also consider the option to include different themes with every level. The same applies for the prizes. With every level, players should be able to enjoy bigger and better prizes. Bottom line, whatever you do, create something that keeps players hooked from start to finish.


Safety and Security

This should be the number one priority of every casino. Especially if a player tends to prefer playing casino games on a mobile phone, casino developers need to make sure that their identities won’t fall into the wrong hands. The same applies when requesting withdrawals. Whilst one can’t deny that the casino world offers a truly world-class experience, it can be ruined very easily by scammers.

In this regard, casino developers need to make sure that their platform is encrypted with the highest technologies. In addition to that, fraud detectors can also help prevent any illegal activity. Naturally, casinos should also ask for some form of proof of ID, a utility bill, and any additional documentation that can be relevant when requesting deposits. In this way, players can feel safe at all times and will never feel that their safety and security is compromised in any way.

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