When I was younger I used to tag along with my parents as they visited the casino quite a lot and occasionally one or two of my aunts and uncles would come along as well. Obviously I didn’t gamble as underage kids aren’t allowed on the gambling floor, so I would always spend the night playing some of those fun games that spew tickets with which you can go and claim a prize depending on how many of them you’ve managed to rack up.

I’d never spend all my pocket money however and left some for snacks (particularly some chocolate ice cream). I also used to like checking out all the cool stuff in the resident gift shop, but I wasn’t allowed to buy one of the mini-slots machines I so badly wanted. It turns out it was a piggy-bank, but I’ll tell you it operated completely like a real slots machine, something I’d come to learn by having the mini-slots machine piggy bank for a good few years and then having it break.  I was allowed to buy it if an adult accompanied me and my father saw nothing wrong with it.

So once it broke I could open it up and could essentially sneak a peek into the anatomy of a slots machine, which I later learned was exactly the same with a real slots machine you’d find in a casino. Well at least that was the case with some of the older slots machines because nowadays slots machines have become a lot more digitised with lots of programming going into their operation.

It’s kind of like how motorcars have evolved as well from being fully mechanical in their operation to being a lot more digital. There’s a “computer box” of sorts found in both motorcars and casino slots machines, which rightfully suggests that a lot of programming goes into their operation.

So anyway, a physical slots machine as it exists today could very well be a web-based one in that the analogue functionality is programmed as well. This is not to say that you can’t win the jackpot or any amount of money below the full jackpot however. It simply means that you’re perhaps better off staying at home and getting your casino fix online through online casino platforms.

Your chances of winning are perhaps markedly improved in this way because online casinos boast something which physical casinos just cannot match, that being special promotional offers such as the likes of the Bitstarz bonus code which you can use to bet with extra credits and subsequently increase your chances of winning in that way.

I there’s one thing I’ve learned however from getting a peek into the anatomy of a slots machine, it’s that luck still plays a major factor. Although the machines are programmed, you still have to be the one sitting at the specific slots machine which is due to give out a jackpot or some lesser winnings which can also be quite substantial either way.

It’ll always be about the “luck of the draw,” it appears.

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