If you are responsible for your own accounts and tax returns, then it can all be a bit of a headache. With so many legal rules and regulations along with HMRC deadlines to be aware of, keeping on top of it all is time-consuming. The problem for many people in this position, though, is that this is precious time that they could be spending on their core business.

This is true for anyone who has to take care of their own books. From sole traders to limited companies, all businesses need to keep accurate financial business records and provide payroll services to staff. Even as a contractor working for other companies, you will need to have your tax and financial records in order.

Outsourcing your accounts can help 

If you are struggling with keeping on top of your payroll and tax, then outsourcing this to an external, professional company is a great option. This is especially true for contractors, where a specialist contractor accountant can make sure that your accounts are always in order.

Here are some great reasons to outsource your business accounts:

  • Improve your work-life balance – for many contractors and business owners, taking care of their account is something that is fitted in at weekends or evenings. By outsourcing your accounting, you are getting this time back to spend with family or friends. 
  • Save money on staff – employing staff to handle your financial and payroll needs is a costly way to go about it. Going to a traditional accountant is one option, but they will charge hefty fees for the privilege. Most contractors and businesses now will use online accountancy solutions, which give the cost saving of not employing staff but with reduced fees compared to traditional accountancy firms. 
  • Less hassle – unless you really enjoy doing your accounts and keeping up with changes to the law in this area, it is all a major hassle that you could do without. By choosing to outsource your accounting, you are getting rid of this task and freeing yourself up from having to worry about it anymore. 
  • Reduction in mistakes – any mistakes in your returns to HMRC or payroll can be costly. Even worse is forgetting about an HMRC deadline altogether! By letting a professional accounting company handle it all for you, this is avoided. It also means that you always stay compliant with industry experts keeping on top of your financial records for you. 

Outsourcing your accounts is a smart move 

If you want to look after your accounts in a smarter, more efficient way, then outsourcing is a great tool to use. Not only does it save you the trouble of doing them all yourself, but it can also save you money and make sure that you are compliant with the law. Many contractors and business owners will do this now to handle all their accounting needs, from payroll to tax returns. It certainly makes life a bit easier and means that you can spend more time building up your business moving forward.

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