The FA Cup soccer match replay between Tottenham Hotspur and Hereford which was played in 1996 encompass nothing unusual. But the match still had a very massive impact on the history of sports betting.

One might ask why? Simply because the first ever online bet was placed on this crucial game, at the first ever best us online casinos. We reckon most gamblers who are familiar with Intertops online casino can tell how good the casino is. And that simply tells why the first ever online sports bet took place at this marvellous online casino back in 1996.

The online casino is still in operation and ever since it emerged, wagering on sports has never been the same. It’s just getting better and better, hence a lot of gamblers have walked away with amazing money prizes.

Although online casinos and sports betting websites are all the rage these days, many regions of the US (New York, for example) still do not allow mobile betting apps and websites. Only a few legitimate retail sportsbooks are allowed to operate, which leaves bettors with the question of where to bet on sports in New York. This might be the case in many other places of the world as well, but with the changing gambling landscape, we might soon see changes in such rules as well.

However, we are not precisely going to talk about the future of sports betting. Its past is also important to us as it has evolved through the years to be where it is today.

Sports Betting Changes in Regulations and Legislation

During its first days in operation, sports betting industry was not closely regulated. A lot of sites had some betting license that permits them to be involved in online betting. But these license did not encompass strict terms and conditions. There were a lot of legit sites back in the days with professional online bookmakers, or, as the Romanians say, case de pariuri online. Then the digital world continued to grow and that gave birth to a lot of rogue sites.

That enabled the regulators to impose some changes in the regulations and legislations to halt sites that are there to steal and scam genuine online gamblers. According to this move enables players to feel safe when they gamble online.

A Major Increase in the Number of Sites

Intertops might have topped the list of the best online gambling sites and the first to emerge. But that did not hinder progress for other several sites to come to party. The number of gambling sites have continue to rise and players now rely on multiple platform to wager their money.

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