For over a century, cameras became the tools that would revolutionise modern media and image-capture, providing millions of people the chance to capture moments of their lives, their homes, and of nature for the whole world to see.

Cameras are one of the most important inventions of the modern world and have change the face of society in more ways than many people realise.

Cameras are still highly popular today, and despite the rise of smartphones and their advances cameras, the traditional camera has retained its place in pop culture and the art scene. For those that are looking to get into photography, or simply want a compact camera for their travels, these are the most common types of cameras on the market.

Compact Digital Cameras

These are arguably the most widely used cameras right now, and this is partly due to their portability, as well as their simplicity of use. They are the ultimate “point and shoot cameras” allowing for even with no formal training in photography to take stunning pictures.

They provide sharp, clear images, and come in compact size, making them the perfect travel companions. Most compact digital cameras run on battery, often have touchscreen technology, and make use of custom software, such as auto-focus and zoom capability.

Bridge Cameras

Often mistaken for SLR cameras, they are in fact the “bridge” between compact digital and single-lens reflex cameras. They often feature a fixed lens, live previews of images taken, auto-focus and image stabilisation, small image sensors, and on-board storage.

These types of cameras are extremely similar to the SLR range, but tend to operate much slower, and are also fairly large in size. These are best for those that are getting into amateur photography and want better quality than what a compact digital can provide.

Line-Scan Cameras

These types of camera are most often used to capture images at extremely high speeds. For this to work, a single pixel of an image sensor is used instead of a matrix system.

A stream of constantly moving pictures can be taken easily with this camera, and they are often used to capture images of vehicles and animals that tend to move at high speeds and would otherwise not be able to be capture by more traditional methods. They are also often used at sporting events, such as the horse races offered by gambling online NZ sites.

Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras (DSLR)

DSLR cameras are aimed at professional photographers who have had the correct training, and are looking for the very best image quality possible. They use a single reflex method like an ordinary camera, except they contain a digital image sensor.

These are extremely high-end, and usually come with a large assortment of attachments and accessories. The special types of sensors are part of a setup in a mirror box that allows for auto-focus. They also boast live preview modes, extremely high end sensors with crop factors, high quality images even at low light levels, and less depth of field at a particular aperture.

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