The impact of the semiconductor shortage globally has certainly frustrated those hoping to pick up some new tech releases over the past year, and with warnings that the shortages could last until 2022 at the earliest and fears that it last much longer too have left some enthusiasts in a bit of a tough spot – but which have been the most frustrating tech shortages of the year, and which are looking likely to continue or slow down?

Intel reiterates chip supply shortages could last several years | Reuters
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PC tech could see some change – The CEO of Intel was one of the many warning about the potential length of the shortage, and shortages in PC hardware have been nothing new as grabbing a new graphics card or some new RAM has been difficult for a number of years with the growth of crypto mining – the shortages certainly haven’t helped, but this could be one market that sees some change relatively soon, with countries like China cracking down on bitcoin mining and the shortages slowly starting to lift in may start to become much easier to grab yourself the latest hardware, and avoid the scalpers and botters that make up a huge part of the market and resale that’s frustrating many enthusiasts across the world.

Console shortages are likely set to continue – Those who have been hoping to pick up the latest console releases from the holiday period are likely to be disappointed for a longer period of time yet – shortages for the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X from Sony and Microsoft are set to continue for quite some time yet and it will remain difficult to get your hands on – whilst there have been some notes that hopes are to step up production efforts, that likely won’t take place for some time yet. Other gaming platforms are experiencing the same, mobile players have been strengthening the gaming market as options like list slots not on gamstop uk, but mobile shortages could be next if new releases can’t meet the growing demand. 

Consumer electronics may not be impacted yet, but could be – Whilst getting your hands on many consumer devices is still relatively easy, with only some electronics finding shortages still, there are warnings that given the length of time this could go on for some shortages may start to hit a bit harder in the near future – experts have warned that someday to day electronics may start to hit shortages on shelves in the meantime where surpluses aren’t available, and as further warnings start to appear that shortages could be exacerbated by new outbreaks or tech companies trying to grab extra semiconductors where possible, and could hit the shelves of your local store sooner rather than later.

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