We are in the era of fast pace individuals. Everyone wants everything fast today, be it delivery of food and services or traveling from one place to another. We commute by flight to save time and utilize the time for its best purpose. However, if there is an accident during an air journey, the damage sometimes is irreparable. If you or your loved ones are going through such an incident in and around Portland, then contact and get expert consultation for free.

What does the statistic say?

The statistics say that the U.S and Russia have a higher number of fatal accidents or crashes than any other country.

The plane accidents mostly happen during landing and mid-flight.

2017 has witnessed the least amount of Aircraft accidents to date.

What are the different types of Aircraft?

There are majorly two types of Aircraft:

1) Private:

These are small AircraftAircraft designed to carry a small number of passengers.

Generally, the schedule is flexible with fewer restrictions and security.

2) Commercial:

These are the AircraftAircraft that we generally travel in with fellow passengers from all over the world.

These are big Aircraft carrying a lot of people.

The flights run as per the fixed schedule. So if you miss the flight, you take another one.

The security is tight and not flexible because of safety reasons.

What are a few FAQ’s 

1. Who is held responsible for a flight accident?

The most common person to be held responsible is the on-duty pilot of the AircraftAircraft. But there are various other people in question like the ground staff, manufacturer of faulty pieces of equipment used in the Aircraft, Owner of the Aircraft, Airline management, etc.

2. Can you seek a personal injury case if you survive the Aircraft accident?

If you survive a fatal Aircraft accident, you can file for a personal injury case. However, if there is death in the accident, then the deceased’s family can go ahead with filing the case. The family can also be entitled to get financial compensation.

3. What is the worth of aviation accident compensation?

Every state has different laws to compensate for a personal injury case. Your attorney would evaluate and calculate the estimated amount of compensation that you can expect.


Every state has different rules regarding the time to file for an aviation accident case.

It is advisable to get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible after an accident to avoid any misses for compensation.

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