Making the transition into the world of pro gambling is just one of those “binary” decisions – either you get it or you don’t. One thing that’s for sure though is that you’ll have to approach your gambling exploits with the type of professionalism that makes it exactly that – professional gambling. This means that you now rely on getting it right to earn some of your money at least, and if you’re going fully pro with nothing else as a source of income, the stakes are even higher for you.

Some of the software applications you’ll need to support your pro gambling foray will reveal themselves to you quite naturally, like the fact that you might find it fitting to use a spreadsheet for some of your record-keeping and strategising. As far as the hardware goes however, you might find yourself starting to speak and think like the classic PC gamer as there are some hardware essentials you’ll definitely need in your arsenal.

Cable Router with Wi-Fi Capabilities

At some or other point on your online pro gambling terrace you’ll realise just how much of a disadvantage an interruption in your internet connection can be, whether you’re playing live casino games or if you’re engaged in something like Texas Hold ’em as a skill game. So you’ll need a solid internet connection, preferably a fibre-connected router which has Wi-Fi capabilities so that you can connect wirelessly on any device around your house.

Dual or Quad-Screen Desktop Computer Super Graphics Card

This is where it gets serious, with your gaming station looking a lot like that of an online day trader’s or one of those classic PC gamers I was talking about. For the pro online gambler the more screen real-estate you have the better, because you could be engaged in many different games and bets at the same time, while keeping tabs on your strategy.

Physical External Backup

You’ll need to be somewhat of a compulsive backup ninja if you’re serious about turning your online gambling exploits into a full time income. As you’ll know by now, strategies are where the gold is mined as a pro gambler, many of which are dynamic and change over time, but the principles driving those strategies largely stay the same. Consequently, you can’t afford to lose a lot of the data you’ve built up, such as your list of those online gambling platforms you have the biggest winning percentage on or those which offer special bonuses with which you can increase your gaming credits, which would naturally feature the likes of So you’ll have to back everything up on some physical storage such as DVD rewritables or external hard drives (flash discs will do too).

Secondary Wi-Fi Connected Device

If you’re perhaps into sports betting as just one of the many ways through which you conduct your online pro gambling exploits, it helps to be able to connect to your platforms while you’re away from your primary gaming desktop, such as checking how you’re doing on your tablet or laptop if you’re watching the live games you placed bets on maybe.

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